Magic department was led by latitude and longitude investment 20 million yuan A round of financing,

March 3, 2017

today 36 krypton exclusive, "magic department" has received 20 million yuan A round of financing at the beginning of this year, the China led by latitude and longitude, it real fund, innovation valley with the cast. It is reported that the funds will be mainly used for team building, product iteration, etc..

we introduced in December last year, the magic department store". In general, it can be described as a target 95, after the new consumer groups of B2C electronic business platform. Specific practices, snacks, jewelry, bags, stationery and other goods around two yuan in 95 after the main platform for selection of love. These are mostly fun fun little things, the customer price is relatively low, in order to fit the user after 95 more fragmented consumption. In order to reduce the cost of user selection, magic department will set up personalized labels to classify different products, such as Japanese girl, wonderful groceries, etc..

in addition to category selection, the platform also added a section called the daily newspaper, the purpose is to reduce the user’s discovery and selection of goods costs. Daily electricity supplier is outside the content, the editor is responsible for the selection of goods in the form of push. The content of the article covers the theme of the two dimensional series after the 95, after a few articles will follow the recommended products. Daily push time is based on the time of the students to choose the class time in the morning ten minutes of this recess.


founder Wang Kaixin told the 36 krypton, actually 95 and 00 of this batch of middle school students, consumption ability is widely underestimated. In her view, this group of people who have several opportunities:

1, their spending power is undervalued. According to the magical department store survey, after 95 months of this group of pocket money in the proportion of more than 1000 yuan accounted for the proportion of 500-1000, accounting for $68%, while less than $500 is also close to 16%. "This part of the group in consumption is still there, now living conditions are good after all, will feel that their consumption is weak, mainly because their money is not like that of a white-collar wages have thousands of them, because it is pocket money, often a day is fifty-one hundred, relatively scattered." Wang Kaixin said.

2, they have a specific spending habits. The magic department told 36 krypton, after 95 most of the students is the party, they live in a relatively closed environment at the beginning of the high school campus, the rest of life is fixed, the day most of the time in class, unlike other groups have more time to spend on Tmall and Jingdong from the massive commodity is selected you want.

3, they have a specific consumer demand. This is the most intuitive. 95 and after the goods are most interested in the other and other groups are not the same, they are more inclined to buy some 00