Documentary the next set of brush credit fraud (including partial solutions)

March 3, 2017

thought that the credibility of the brush fraud has expired, know yesterday, a friend found me, ask me how to recover the money cheated, only to find, brush credit fraud, has not stopped. I wonder how he found me, upon inquiry, because the search, part-time Wangzhuan and other related words in the search engine to find, I wrote before being included in the search engine was a secret why Wangzhuan part-time grey project a text, for his situation, I sympathize, cheated 4600, of which 3000 is borrowed, within the scope of my power, I also put forward some suggestions to consider him, hoping to help him recover losses.

incident after

simple narrative about the process, the friend went to 58 city in the secondary information network to find a part-time job, and then find a job on the credibility of the brush, and then, as shown in Figure:



the whole process, only a so-called customer service QQ is known, the purchase of the site, is actually not a liar, and in the recharge site of the home page, have suggested that "our part-time brush reputation and other information, but many of my friends are not watching, but this is to cheat the relevant, as shown above, he is prophetic, give the user a medicine to eat.

money is lost, arguably, it should come to an end, but this is really a.


may have been expected to cheat, when users find themselves cheated, will use a search engine search ", find cheated", then, scammers continue to set, allowing users to give him 2100 yuan, and then to be able to find the money, the 2100 is the technical service fee, of course, if can be subdivided, that is first called 20% of the money as a deposit, and then, after that, to pay the rest of the money, but the new words.

of course, the so-called 20% estimate is a start, if you gave the 20% crooks can through N excuse, for example: find the difficulty increases, please give 10%, users will feel, if not to continue, the front 20% is not wasted? Then, it is may continue to throw money.


as a media, one of the most important principles, is to be able to write out the valuable content to users, before writing this paper, I think for a long time, if only to bask in the screenshot, give you reminder that the value of the estimated wait for poor, can see this blog friends. Don’t be fooled, though always Huo blog is Taobao custom blog tutorial, but for higher things, will involve some.

so, what solutions can be used?