Baidu optimization sentiment no recruit wins recruit

March 3, 2017

25 last month, the website optimization to know: Baidu, ~

and menstruation

, Baidu, SEO, webmaster is in the tag, is called the one upmanship!

is expected to Baidu, SEO webmaster, between the three "hostile", as the three sit down, good negotiation, communication in order to produce the spark after all, want to live in the Internet, the three must eventually achieve a win-win situation!! in order to achieve a harmonious network


Baidu technology and strength can be called a domestic tyrants, no exaggeration!

SEO and so the webmaster to survive, I offer advice:

to Webmaster: good for the station, the station to do a little professional, the user experience a little higher feeling.

to SEO: the best way to do it, there is no recruit wins recruit

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