2016 explosion of the live broadcast of the scene in 2017, where

March 3, 2017

live itself is a very lively business, the industry has become more and more lively".

At the beginning of the new year

, according to "people’s Daily" reported that the relevant departments of the state recently thorough investigation of undocumented and illegal broadcast platform, the 90 thousand studio was closed, more than 30 thousand account was banned, and small broadcast platform will be removed. In contrast, large broadcast platforms have been eager for a fight, fight 2017. Unfamiliar Street, YY have held the end of the year party, each have a good report card. Micro-blog Spring Festival Red activity live will be the highlight of the broadcast platform will also follow up to carry out the Spring Festival Red offensive". Direct broadcast industry is still hot, becoming a still winter in the Internet industry in the alternative.


can continue to live such a fire? If 2015-2016 because 4G network, mobile payment technology and intelligent mobile phone these bonuses, then 2017 live to eat bonus is probably Chinese "spiritual consumption rise". A few days ago, apple began selling the App Store in China prepaid card, the background of 2016 fiscal year apple in Greater China (including Hong Kong) revenue fell 17%, but the App Store mobile phone sales rose 90%, sell, but sell mobile phone application inside, from material to spiritual consumption, is an important branch of consumption upgrade live, just to cater to this trend.

broadcast the realization of the road, depend on the concentration and get through marketing cash or by satisfying the spiritual demand of users directly to the money, the answer is clear: divide the user’s mental consumption budget, allowing users to pay is the mainstream model. Live + marketing or electricity supplier model to go through, but to closely combine with the electricity supplier platform, such as Tmall, Jingdong in the attempt. On 2016 broadcast platform transcripts is not difficult to find, the outbreak, but earn a lot of money, and are concentrated in the class show broadcast platform, verified the above conclusion.

revenue into the 1 billion club of only three

live 2016 income do most of the YY parent company gathered era, Q3 net revenue 2 billion 89 million 800 thousand yuan, an increase of 40.3%; net profit of 400 million yuan, an increase of 155.8%, among them, live service revenue of 1 billion 790 million 400 thousand yuan, 1 billion 159 million 200 thousand yuan more than the same period last year growth of 54.5%, accounting for 85.67% in the whole broadcast revenue, Q4 has not yet announced earnings the annual income or live, will be more than 5 billion. In addition to the live broadcast, YY as well as music entertainment, games, education and dating and other rich business matrix.


income of unfamiliar street, the three quarter of last year broadcast business generated revenue of $108 million 600 thousand, in the overall revenue accounted for 69.17%, the income has become fully deserve live the king, the first three quarters of the live income RMB $1 billion 260 million, in 2016 the annual income of more than 2 billion live is That’s final. Live is completely unintentional "for the unfamiliar street

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