11 double play the final release the top of the 95 venues need horse

March 3, 2017


] September 22nd news billion state power network, Taobao in the long waiting for the seller, the Alibaba has finally announced a specific play double eleven this year. Among them, up to 95 venues, as well as the opening of the race between the horse race is the highlight of this double the biggest highlight of the eleven.


double eleven activity schedule

number of venues up to 95 open promotion mode

billion state power network to understand, and in previous years, only the main venue and the venue is different, this year eleven also increased the industry at the venue, the venue amounted to $95, including 1 main venue, 20 venues, 74 industry sector at the venue.


industry branch field detailed classification

in addition, the double eleven big promotion compared with previous types, there is a very big difference: horse racing promotion mechanism will be a different venue, in order from low to high promotion, according to the order from low to high: industry venue floor – industry venue floor – industry venue Seaview the main venue – the main venue – floor sea view room.

that is, as long as the seller in the double eleven good performance that day, it is possible to move from the low level of the venue to the high class venue. According billion state power network understanding, promotion of standard two:

first, warm-up period, the day of the event will be in an hour for the "horse race", the total amount of the store will be added to the purchase of a high priority display opportunities.

second, the higher the store turnover, the more opportunities on the venue; otherwise the less, or even cancel the venue qualifications.

5 mandatory requirements to send red envelopes to send gold

for this year to participate in the double 11 business, Tmall gives 5 requirements in the play, including the 50 percent off bags of mail, send red envelopes, shop shop sign to send the lottery, the gold coin, the activities needed to create wireless baby details page. Specifically:

first, the 50 percent off bags of mail: this year eleven will continue since the half off shipping (except in remote areas, Hong Kong and Macao) policy, and the double eleven day price lower than commercial needs of the last 30 days to take the price (except special category).

second, the user collection store / baby to send shop red: the seller needs to use the store red tools, each red envelope amount of 5 yuan, the number of issued according to their own business situation.

third, shop sign to send lottery: Taobao shop sign, a total of two days to visit buyers sellers shop sign to send lottery a note, during each person may receive a lottery; businesses need to be contracted businesses, to provide at least 500 note lottery.

fourth, the whole court gold coins: access to the main venue of the qualifications of the shops need to support the whole shop gold coin deduction, against

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