How did a good team die Reading is drunk

March 4, 2017

Abstract: at this moment, the cicada is strongly recommended, they carry out organizational climate survey. After reviewing all the costs of the ant team, the lion found that productivity was falling sharply. No, the lion invited owl to do management consultants, to seek a new solution.


forest fire near the river, and quickly spread throughout the green. Smart lion and owl Jianshibumiao, not run is flying; relentless fire devouring cockroaches, spiders, flies and fly far and cicadas, and ants are surrounded by fire.

from the ants suddenly gathered from all sides, go to the river hold together to form a clique. The ants were burned alive, but they didn’t leave their posts until they were scorched. A large river again burned the ants, but most ants are therefore rescued.

looked at the ants so tragic feat, the return of some of the lions moved. It is believed that the ants in the world from the group members in the sincere cooperation of the "fast and hard to resist" force, is the ant to overcome the natural and natural enemies and continue to survive and develop the main reason. So, it decided to organize this invincible team, began to build a new home. Do not bear the lion’s expectations, ant team work hard, and fruitful. However, look at this group of no regulation are hard hard-working ants, but the lion whim: if you send someone to monitor their performance, is not higher? So, think oneself clever lion open recruitment supervisor.

always love words to fill the post for a cockroach. Soon it got the lion’s appreciation, because it was very beautiful. Subsequently, the cockroach has introduced a new management tool – clock system, and proposed the creation of a full-time secretary, responsible for helping the record and fill in the report……

spider candidates. In addition to the specified job responsibilities, she also keeps all employee records, and is responsible for prison, listen to all incoming and outgoing calls. Because of the excellent report of cockroach, let the lion in front of so many shareholders, for glory, to which a roach back, asked the cockroaches with graphs to describe the changing trend of the productivity and make it to the board of directors, and performance.

boss trust greatly increased the confidence of cockroaches. Do not have two, roach decided to increase the budget, the purchase of a computer and a laser printer, and appointed as director of the information center. The flies, specialized management of the equipment and services. However, once it is productive and happy work ants hate these cost them too much time of paperwork and meetings. Job satisfaction decreased, the enthusiasm of the work is not as natural as before.

saw the lion, decided to set up a team responsible for ants, nominated by the who to take? This makes the lion racke. The clever lion finally decided to adopt a new approach to recruitment – competition. Several rounds of fighting, finally the talent shows itself. Both.

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