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March 4, 2017

Hello, I am a little joke, today to share with you on the website promotion of those things, all kinds of website promotion methods varied, with good prices, with bad ruin, such as QQ group promotion, Forum promotion, blog promotion, quiz promotion, B2B promotion, promotion, information classification B2C promotion and so on. In short a lot, countless, so today little is not to say that such a big explosion, the material for you today, today said the website promotion method is very simple with four words summed up "by surprise," Hey, think? A few days is what holidays do you know?

news every day new, earth second second turn, then we will focus on the word "new" to start today’s share

in the past few days, the network crazy pass a sentence "Mom, may I go home" is such a sentence by the network storm, the first to join the forum reports, netizens crazy reproduced share their feelings, yes, this is a surprise. We are not seeking personal webmaster, celebrity effect than a word effect, but better than no echo, how to grasp the key points by surprise, three on the line:

a, timing

little joke often chat with others when you like to say is: in the right time to meet the right person, is a kind of fate, in the right time to do what they think is a persistent. The same is true in today’s Internet, what is innovation, innovation, innovation is to be able to endure loneliness, can withstand the pressure, to endure suffering, doing boring work. Grasp the creation time is very important, if the winter time selling fan, summer selling cotton padded jacket, this is not understand grasp the opportunity to practice.

two, Austria

what is the use? Do not know can recommend you look at the "art of war" which describes in detail. Here is the place actually said you want to storm places, such as your website, your forum, your local navigation, first ensure that the destination has enough content mining exploration, et al. I believe that as long as you do this, and then take advantage of the opportunity to gently push, the effect will take effect immediately, of course, this is not 100% successful. There’s another reason.

three, man and

said that people are emotional animals, is the beginning of the article said that the direct reaction of the people is the most emotional animals. In fact, as long as the website promotion to grasp the emotional two words, no push not successful website does not welcome webmaster, human communication is the most basic, often under the care of the user’s mood, feelings, site recommendations, communicate well in a free ride. So, "Mom, I will go home," this sentence in the middle of the people’s feelings, to be crazy pass, spoof.

so do stand as the person, everyone should know how to use thinking, help, do the same station to borrow a point force, sit down wind, clutching borrow arrows with thatched boats, more than three points, not push on

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