As the new media practitioners is the attention you do 1 things or to everything

March 4, 2017

Abstract: has been thinking about a problem: for a just contact with the new media operators, whether it is to learn the essence or learn more?


this time have been thinking about a problem: for a new media operation just contact people, what is the fine school or learn more? Today do not say dry cargo, we would like to discuss this question.

this question makes me think I just contact operation at that time, when we are familiar with is the name of the network marketing, website operation, because the tide of the mobile Internet is still brewing, WeChat is still in the womb to be produced. At the time of their own, work is relatively messy: website operators, SEO, forum marketing, soft Wen promotion, blog marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, micro-blog marketing and so on a variety of marketing methods have been tried, although eventually can barely feed themselves, but could not give a marketing model to the extreme.

therefore, in my opinion, for the majority of new media operators especially new media newcomers, a pretty good thing doing fine enough, and then supplemented by other operation methods, may be a good choice. After all, the method is the same, a law is the law.

this argument may be a bit abstract, for two examples!

A: a start-up team, technical capital are medium level, there is a project in hand. But to the operation of the promotion, tangled. Development of a APP, which is what most entrepreneurs feel due. But APP got it, but it was difficult. Then see others WeChat fans into millions, tens of millions, or operating a WeChat public number. After a period of time, the feeling of moving the end of the suction powder is very difficult, PC seems to have the end of the play, or the entire site.

finally, the project went bankrupt. What are they going to do,


B: a new media novice, the company is not large, a person in charge of WeChat, not much budget. How to increase the micro signal to the company? How to increase the amount of reading? So, read a lot of books online. Paste drainage, drainage from the media platform, video drainage, soft Wen drainage……

Each of the

methods are tried, the final amount of reading is that tens of millions of fans still steady, single digit growth. What should he do?

what do you think of this problem? My answer is to do something effective in a limited time.

many people say, so many ways, multiple channel road! Indeed, of a powerful human capital of the company, a plurality of channels much of the road, it is by the. Multiple channels of energy, from the assessment is also a good thing.

but you need to know. For many people who do not have the above conditions, especially those who have little budget, your time and energy are limited, you do not have so much time and fine

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