Teach you how to be a qualified title party

March 4, 2017

did you have such problems, after each finished article, have to think about how the brains of a stunning title? Do you have this experience, browse articles, often on a headline overwhelmed with admiration for Bo eye can also want to write? The title of paper would also like to write the article here? The amount of

burst table?


the evening of August 28th, immediately invited writer Zhejiang Ma, two dining rooms and a columnist for a former writer immediately explained: how to become a qualified Title party.

we made a complete summary for you. Together with the old driver to learn how to do a qualified title bar, get on the train!


A: why do we want to be a title party?

the goal of every person who likes to write is not just to be a party, but it is the age of information explosion. A good title is a very important factor in getting hits, so it’s important to make a good title for a good article.

two: what title is easy to attract the reader’s eye?

now the article and the public number is the main way to open the circle of friends and the public to open the number of direct reading, the teacher gave us a few days to the circle of friends to do a number of types of data analysis and statistics.

articles can be roughly divided into three types:

1 some title open rate is very high, forwarding rate is relatively low

such as:

I’m sorry, I’m a bitch


picture that is how good you

divorce this kind of thing is not fun

went to bed, I was broke up

‘s boss says you’re pretty

do not look at the film and then look at the Empress Dowager

curiosity is a gap. This title satisfies the reader’s curiosity. So open rate is relatively high. But not suitable for forwarding. Reasons for low forwarding rate:

first, very personal,

second, point of view is not applicable to ordinary people

third, may be the article is not good.

2 some forwarding rate is high, but the opening rate is low.

overall opening rate is not much, and sometimes this kind of article forwarding volume even higher than the amount of open. The reason is generally the content of the article touched, but the title is not attractive. Forwarded to the circle of friends, friends circle of friends do not want to open the reading, to the two spread, so the article forwarded the long tail effect is relatively weakened, which is the title did not lead to a good.

such as:

what you said

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