Hot issues of operation Witkey manufacturing, get traffic to get attention

March 4, 2017

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here I want to say "Witkey" is not a simple task in Witkey site to solve a problem, or to take a job to earn a little money, that is thinking is not open, I want to talk about the potential values of our Witkey, close the cast a brick to attract jade, concrete the operation of all their brains.

1, cheat attention: I see so many Witkey, found a way to cheat, perhaps say that this is the current Witkey weakness. For example: a pair of husband and wife, gave birth to a child, happy husband send a 50 yuan Witkey task in the Internet, give the child a name, we have competition task. The wife with another account submitted to have a good name, a husband to "see", this name, announced this "people" bid, the results of the task also obediently back into their own pockets, a real online scene. This business is not very strong, then, if you have a website, traffic is not good, so the release of task in the task China, offering a reward of 500 (more can be), give me a web site improvements, so the Witkey have a look, is not so much a reward, a suggestion to you, first to the site to see, after watching their advice, finally done, there are 2~3 people who bid, ah, a task is fucking in, a damn it in advance, the manuscript already written, few people use different personal account landing on the line, and come back the money. This is not the most serious, if this guy is a Trojan horse on the site, that the poor "Witkey", "home" will often look at myself, maybe this is your IE browser home page url. You see, sleight of hand! The original Witkey website is to charge a commission of 20% of the task, the task now Chinese was declared free, 100% return this task, not more cool?

2,   manufacturing hot issues: the current network economy is the eyeball economy, who can make the eye effect, who can succeed. In other words, to hype. How many people through the network hype quickly on the Red Fairy sister ah, is a classic case, later known as the wave brother he wants to make a person on the Internet became popular, not more than three months. You must be familiar with some time ago there was a "clip for villa plan, the reality of the raise a Babel of criticism of the Internet hype, media also reported daily tracking, the hero quickly became popular. Anyway, I have the wave brother Angel sister, the famous Internet marketer backing, Qu pin for villa, the protagonist is a star, the star effect in its role, so, you want to be concerned, what do you do, you have what resources? If not, you can now consider how to use witkey. Now assume that you are a webmaster, site visits are flat, visibility in general. You think of a very different, very challenging, most people will not come up with the idea, such as on the site to engage in a survival experience activities (my imagination is limited, everyone)

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