Soft marketing is your idea of your values passed out

March 4, 2017

there is a phenomenon more and more serious, the impact of the original larger. That is, people’s time has been severely fragmented, people’s minds are constantly jumping, and irrelevant. For example in a sensational story of a beautiful love story, then suddenly to one excavator which puzzled? All at sea, this is a kind of phenomenon, but also a cultural phenomenon. A little bit of these things may not catch a cold, but after 80 or even 90 after 00 of these things quite infatuated, quite a feeling, if you do not understand do not understand, they will despise you have OUT. This time the problem appeared, the soft marketing which strong?


, I want to use a word that is brainwashing. That is to say we are deeply familiar with the brand, we are deeply affected thinking, can be said to be a brainwashing. A variety of brands are constantly passing on his ideas, his philosophy, tell you that he is the best. And people believe it. There is a man’s inertia. Very simple, when you want to drink a tea, you may choose jiaduobao or Kat, because he every day to tell you the authentic herbal tea JDB authentic herbal tea, Wong Lo kat. Do you think he is authentic, why? Very simple, we are ordinary people, there are few herbal tea experts, do not know what is authentic. He said he was authentic, and every day, you subconsciously accepted. If one day you to drink real authentic herbal tea, jiaduobao and you find Wong Lo Kat taste different, you may suspect that the real authentic herbal tea is authentic. At the same time, this brainwashing also reduces the cost of our choice, when you face 10 or several dozens of herbal tea, to help you make decisions are often not rational, but the subconscious. Do you think it is not wrong to buy this brand, try a new brand also have risks.

simply, you need to spread your values and ideas over and over again. Any brand needs to go through 3 stages, can not see, look down, do not understand. You are a just out of the brand, others see you walk, see, the customer can not see, the second stage is the way you use some methods to do promotion propaganda traditional old brand all despise you, don’t think you, simply do not, the third stage is the when you do it, so people began to look down on you cannot read, do not understand why you do it. Of course, these 3 stages is the ideal stage, many brands may be in the first phase of others can not see the stage, it disappeared, it will never really see.

When the

millet mobile phone listed in 2011 the price of 1999, according to the configuration is the cost of the king, a few years later today or 1999 of the price, but the price has no obvious advantage of what is, from the start, you can not see, he killed in the price advantage, when you understand, want to do the price, he has started a brand, and when you do the brand, people may have already begun to sell the feelings. And followers imitate

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