WeChat marketing case WeChat 4 months millet flour 1 million tips

March 4, 2017

text / gold wrong knife (founder of minimally invasive research center)


currently, WeChat is still in the strategic exploration period. In the exploratory period, do not believe in logic, to believe the case. In my judgment, the first wave of big company, or individual brands in the world, grass root by WeChat counterattack relatively slim.


is still lack of big data previously written a case, China Merchants Bank credit card case (on the wrong knife micro signal, reply 59 see article). Millet is another big data case.

recently chatted with millet Liwan Jiang WeChat, from February this year to start, to the end of May, they now has over 1 million 50 thousand fans, see the background data some millet WeChat, and their history is exposed point dry cargo, the key is the WeChat powder method and tips. In the exploration period, the definition is too early to be wrong, the case will give the market a number of WeChat experts a loud slap in the face.

1, micro-blog powder index: 10%, general awesome.

millet WeChat 1 million 50 thousand fans, there are 10% from Sina, Tencent, micro-blog. Millet in Sina micro-blog has two large, a total of 3 million fans, was once thought to be relying on the light of the WeChat to pull the 500 thousand fans should be small, the reality is very cruel. The reason, micro-blog fans is a shallow concern, WeChat fans is a deep concern.

2, third party cooperation pull powder index: 40%, pretty awesome.

1 million 50 thousand, 40% from the cooperation of the third parties. Third party cooperation can be understood as a large push each other, more awesome third party is a Tencent, WeChat. For example, millet and QQ members have teamed up to engage in an event: WeChat search millet phone +QQ members of life privileges and concerns, sent 10 millet phone 2.

3, millet official channels pull powder index: 50%, it is awesome.

through the official channels to its own users into WeChat fans, this is actually pull king powder. Millet official website pull powder is divided into two stages: the first stage is the direct advertising powder. Millet’s official website every week to open the purchase, click on the reservation button below, there will be a direct two-dimensional code advertising millet mobile phone concern WeChat". 30 thousand fans a day, starting in February, about a total of about 4 times a month, made a total of 12 times. Later entered the fatigue period, up thousands of fans every day, in April to cancel the direct advertising. The second stage is the active powder.

4, the big event of the two heavyweight.

millet phone is a very 6+1". From March 27th 15:00 – 24:00, before the start of the game fans volume: 410 thousand, after the end of the fans amount: 472 thousand, new fans: 62 thousand, the number of participants in the total number of 210 thousand, the total amount of received messages of 4 million 30 thousand. Activity rules are very simple

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