Three months to invest in Tencent cloud services with Ali in the cloud computing market wrist

March 4, 2017

Abstract: whether it is from the perspective of market demand and technology, this stage, the giant cloud services sector are now not yet able to enjoy the real dividend market. Overall, the domestic cloud services market is still in the staking, accumulate strength stage.


giant’s every move has never been trivial. In the last three months, the Tencent has two investments, quite worth pondering.

is a Tencent in September 20th strategic investment Haiyun sebastian. The other is a July 23rd Tencent led Wing Hung Technology 200 million yuan C round of financing, capital, Yuan Sheng East rich sea, Jingwei venture capital with the cast, AI rui. This seems to be a rare thing in the Tencent: three months to invest in the same field, and are oriented enterprise market.

coupled with the recent completion of the global cloud computing giant AWS landing, Baidu and NetEase has entered the Bureau in the near future, the entire cloud computing market bustling. Basically, it can be determined that the real war in this market will be launched in the next two or three years, the war will continue to upgrade.

why Tencent invest in these two companies?

the two companies is what position? According to public information, Haiyun express was established in 2010, 2012 OpenStack also very humble began to make a transition OpenStack, belongs to a group of Companies in the field of the earliest. After a round of financing comes from $10 million investment in Intel.

The so-called

OpenStack, by NASA and Rackspace and launched cooperative research and development of open source software standards, help any company or individual to build their own IaaS cloud environment, aimed at breaking the Amazon AWS and a few other cloud enterprise monopoly. Within a few years, OpenStack has become one of the most popular free software and open source projects.

Tencent OpenStack logic in this direction is also very reasonable. OpenStack is a large and full solution, its design is extremely flexible, in all the places where it is possible to do a lot of work to expand and improve.

including Tencent cloud, for many of the main push their own cloud platform company, OpenStack is a tricky supplement. On the one hand to enhance the integration of cloud computing industry chain ecological service capabilities. At the same time, it is also another level to accelerate the construction of the ecological chain on the cloud computing industry partners.

this year, facing the developing tendency of OpenStack, OpenStack start-up company acquired Piston Cloud news, Computing and Blue Box respectively, IBM acquired by CISCO, earlier, CISCO also acquired MetaCloud. Earlier this year, Ali cloud and openstack services company Kyushu

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