Products sold These 7 tips to improve your marketing ability

March 5, 2017

marketing behavior, it is only a part of all business activities. Many startups want to make great products. But it is only when you sell your product to the right customer or attract others to do business with you. If you can not sell the product, or the number of sales is not expected to target, then that means that your marketing problems.

products, and if you are right, the masses love, only to right customers in order to achieve the value of the products. Here are 7 ways to improve a person’s marketing level:

1 identify target customers

in marketing products, must be full of passion. Customers at the first sight of the marketing staff is full of passion, passion, will certainly be willing to do business with him. Of course, some people may not be suitable for "selling" products, so don’t waste too much time. But remember, don’t distract marketing, hold their own marketing goals, to have strategies in marketing. Many marketers always make such a mistake, and the client chat, but chatted for a long time, the topic will pull away.

2 marketing plan

before communicating with customers, to have a full understanding of the customer, to find a topic. But also to improve the understanding of the interests of customers, so that in the course of communication to meet customer interests and purchase intentions. If necessary, and can have the same industry experience or close conversation, and decision makers in the industry so that you can find the true feeling when talking with customers, in order to avoid future marketing problems.

Before talking with

, briefly outline the content that might upset the marketing plan and make the customer feel disappointed. For example, if the contract negotiation time is too long, you can give customers some benefits as a compensation, rather than indifferent. In the future marketing day, you will find that the use of different marketing strategies, customers can bring the reaction will be different.

3 using social networking

now you have chosen to "deal with" customers, know how to use your marketing strategy to move him, it is time to start and he had some contact. From the very beginning, on the LinkedIn, look for there is no understanding of the powerful acquaintances can help you introduce to the customer. If you’re lucky, the relationship is strong, and that’s half the battle.

and the more time you and the customer, the easier it is to make friends with customers, the easier it is to obtain the trust of customers. Pick one of the easiest places to meet a client – he often appears in public, at Starbucks, or at the beach. But no matter what, you have to know where your customers, then immediately, even if it is "the most dangerous places" you have to rush to see him.

4 often call

video phone is better than ordinary telephone, ordinary desalination than power generation >

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