Make good use of these five free tools startups can save a year of 100 thousand promotional costs

March 5, 2017

Chen, the company products to the line, you write a copy, it is best to have feelings and depth, and looked very funny force, want to let people have a kind of forwarding, 100 thousand +, the fire company remember your entrepreneurial boss, Gong Li in mind! "

full of passion!

I have only one word, ran ten thousand times ~~~~~


actually, a similar scene, a lot of PR and operators have encountered, such as –

1, boss, I have a good idea, can recruit a good copy

2, the boss, this will certainly be able to fire, right, this time to give a little budget?

3, the boss, can no longer brush WeChat group every day, and they have kicked me out of the

4, the boss, not I do not work hard, the media said that such things can not be reported every day……

5, PPC, this……

boss… You listen to me

boss, can I swear?!


for many startups, in the initial stage, how to let the outside world and target users know the company understand the products, and to attract them to experience and use, need a long and complex communication and promotion process. This process is called "cold start", and "cold start" is the key to the process. A brand by way of advertising, ranging from hundreds of thousands to more than a million million, than the average company can afford (visual boss of the heart is about to break).

brand building is not done overnight, the need for sustained and effective communication, continuous penetration. Allows users to easily see you, find you, communicate with you. If this process is likened to love, then the company is the longest lasting love confession.

below, small series for everyone to sort out a number of valuable free position, occupy a good position, make good use of the channel, a year under 100 thousand or even more brand promotion fee, there is no pressure.

position one: [card treasure] Wikipedia class promotion

want to know which company, most people go to the search engine for the first time to find the company’s encyclopedia". Wikipedia has become a business card, and most people access to information and knowledge of one of the main channels. It is worth mentioning that the weight of the search engine in Wikipedia high, is a good tool for SEO, the long tail effect of brand growth can not be ignored.


platform recommended:

Baidu encyclopedia, Sogou encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia

promotion skills:

entry should be selected accurately, create entries than to modify the entry, add a link to

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