Richard Lee generous venture Mycool target $20 million

March 6, 2017

he in the field of entertainment, media, or considerable investment vision. Recently, the little Superman Richard Lee will be in the country and the news of the new venture capital initiatives, investors in the spotlight, a venture capitalist, when talking about the matter, so the evaluation of the little superman".

actually, "little Superman" since his debut, its investment is often surprising move, the integration of resources and financial skills are quite common.

includes previous investments in Tencent, through the acquisition of Taiwan cultural group of big rock records, more investment risk investment fund CBC (Tian China broadband industry fund), Richard Lee in the investment community has been highlighting the lofty ideals and high aspirations. Like all the other venture capital, "found that opportunity – Investment – assisted growth – mergers and acquisitions – to do large-scale – successful exit – reinvestment" is the "little Superman" to do the value of the VC cycle chain.

China this market, any venture capital are not willing to miss, not to mention him (Richard Lee) it, the investment community for small Superman initiatives, but not surprised.

to VC: from the Tencent to start

in early 1999, Hongkong PCCW owned by Richard Lee (00008.HK) has invested millions of dollars to the Tencent.

Tencent founder Ma Huateng said, in 1999 the first session of the Shenzhen fair, the United States IDG and Hongkong PCCW to Tencent $2 million 200 thousand in venture capital, accounting for 20% of the shares of Tencent Inc to survive — this is one of the most important development of the venture capital.

June 2001, Hongkong PCCW for $12 million 600 thousand, sold its stake in Tencent holding 20% of the shares in full to MIH Milad International Holdings Ltd., the investment, PCCW was more than ten times the return.

according to March 2008 earnings data released by Tencent, in 2007 the company’s revenue of 3 billion 820 million 900 thousand yuan, net profit of $1 billion 568 million, the market value of more than ten billion yuan. As of the end of 2007, Tencent has more than 700 million registered users, of which more than 300 million active users, online advertising revenue of the Tencent has maintained a rapid growth of more than 80%.

small Superman another typical case is VC, March 2006, PCCW through a wholly owned subsidiary of Internet Applications Ltd. (IAL), located in the Cayman Islands to CBC (China Broadband Capital Partners) $50 million. This is the CBC in the first round of financing, investment and other major LP (Limited Partner: limited partner) including CITIC Capital, news group, PCCW and Netcom, WPP, total $200 million, the main investment direction is Chinese mainland has a large market and business of telecommunications, media and technology companies.


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