The puzzle and the current situation of small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing secret

March 6, 2017

The rapid development of the domestic Internet China

, the total number of Internet users is expected to reach 500 million, both young and old well-known magic network. With its many advantages, network marketing is gradually becoming the most important and effective way of marketing. The vast majority of enterprises have realized the importance of network marketing, however, many of the Internet marketing has become a test of water has become a negative. Network marketing practitioners became synonymous with "flicker", many business owners often receive a variety of network marketing and promotion under the guise of the phone, once mentioned online received more than and 30 offers all kinds of network promotion service phone one day, very offensive.

some bad network marketing services company, by telephone marketing, conference marketing, spam etc., the network marketing boasts packed like a ready-made panacea as if it were raining flowers, like magic, seems to let the enterprise immortal, mingyangtianxia. Enterprise customers before payment, their enthusiasm; hastily released some money after establishment, business information, said after the completion; customers have questions, then take a ignore, or even allow enterprises to increase investment. Take these views of small and medium enterprises, spend a lot of money, dahushangdang, late. In any era, there will always be liars, there will always be fooled. I once again advice to small business owners, there is no panacea, not really.

due to the work of the author, a few years ago invited to participate in a number of so-called marketing conferences, expert seminars, etc.. The characteristics of these meetings are often only for traditional industries, by telephone notification, known as the invitation to such an expert, companies can attend the meeting free of charge. Experts play about packaging development prospects of the domestic network marketing and give some advantages, "case", suggesting that a product or company is powerful, exciting speech to the participants, many owners extremely excited, just contact the network marketing business passion. The venue is generally the first to take the lead, the speech will also be the first to sign on the spot, promised to sign gifts on the spot, price concessions. I had to gasp in admiration, the promotion of conference mode is similar to pyramid selling line, always set to many small and medium-sized enterprises.

CNNIC according to the official report data show that the current domestic construction enterprise website has about 191 million, a total of 40 million small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprises accounted for only about 5% of the total, about 95% of the enterprises still don’t have a website, it will make many people feel accident. Do not worry, there are even more surprising figures: really understand the network marketing, and effective results of less than 0.3% of the enterprise." Speed win media believes that the big talk network marketing advantages and industry prospects, can not make the network marketing really deep into small and medium enterprises, and can not promote the healthy development of the network marketing industry. How to make small and medium enterprises from the network marketing to get the real benefits to the enterprise to bring orders, bring customers and performance, is the core of many network marketing service providers should focus on.

exactly what kind of network marketing is really effective small and medium enterprises how to make full use of network marketing to declare

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