Actual combat mobile phone Taobao wireless business ideas 5 steps

March 6, 2017

mobile terminal trend, many shops have begun to pay attention to the operation of the wireless side. Today, and we briefly share a SEO based wireless operating ideas.

for wireless promotion baby

good start is the root of all, and this shop is a truth, there is no good source, and then superb operating skills can not make up for congenital deficiencies. Before doing wireless promotion, be sure to find a suitable wireless market baby. Because of the different user groups, often PC sell good baby in wireless not necessarily hot.

generally, to the evaluation of a baby in the wireless terminal have the potential to see 2 data, one is the average value of IPV (visitors turnover / number of visitors), this is the evaluation of a baby with profitability, another is the collection rate (the number of visitors, this is / number) the evaluation of a baby is welcomed by the market. According to the two data to assess the potential of wireless baby, as the main push wireless, in general, to pick 2~3.

for wireless promotion baby stage

keyword strategy this step is the essence. Chose to promote the baby, to see what the wireless industry hot words are applicable to this baby, the statistics of these words search volume, conversion rate, competition degree, the entrance sales demand. The order of the first three pages of the lowest sales volume as the target value, the lowest sales statistics for all keywords, the development of a phased keyword use strategy. For example –

the first phase of the first three pages of the minimum sales demand of 100, while the baby is currently sales of 200, then the word can be used as the current keyword.


second stage the first three pages of the lowest sales demand 500, take it as the goal of the second stage keywords, baby is 300 of sales, the 300 sales should be the next wireless promotion goal, whether through train or do activities or to make up a total of 500.

third, fourth stage specific keywords and so on, several stages can decide.

for wireless operators to promote

this part is divided into two steps. The first step is to choose the right means of promotion, the second is to develop promotional programs. Now the wireless side has a lot of channels to promote, through train, Taobao guest, official activities, third party U station. Many buyers are caught in that which is often, but not to flow into the shop, let the weights are low, The loss outweighs the gain. Different platforms will attract different groups of buyers, especially the third party U station, in the promotion of baby must be a good analysis of each channel market data.


method is to find the relevant event page and you want to popularize baby activities with the price of the baby, then track their activities and activities after the sales period and rank, multi track several basically can generally understand what kind of promotion for baby. Of course, through >

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