ndecent video red, what is the correct posture to UNQLO video

March 6, 2017

midnight suddenly woke up, WeChat friends remind: UNIQLO, fire! Confused rolled between half awaken, circle of friends, one by one’s, then…… It is shameful to understand. With the 2014 Sina micro-blog "a Lu Fu" event, exactly the same.

is not what brand marketing ideas, but malicious spread!


at present, the mobile phone has been chicken Jun UNIQLO maxed. Instant full screen "UNIQLO red", and "marketing marketing. At the occasion, occasion!!"

What happened to


first, chicken comb in Sanlitun Jun: what happened to it.

1, UNIQLO video (UNIQLO room indecent video) landing Sina micro-blog, forwarding has become a hot topic.



communication users carefully identified, from the video in the fitting room location coordinates: Beijing Sanlitun UNIQLO fitting room.


3, burst between suspected female friends and the main dialogue for the video adds a gimmick: This is a fitting room night from strangers.


4, users quickly broke the news: find the hero and heroine WeChat account and the two strongly denied this.


circle of friends how to look at this matter is how to


chicken – Jun finishing several things:


fans: the marketing of cattle X! (chicken king again inform you: This is not the content of brand marketing, but the spread of malicious



: 2, dissemination of indecent video for sale


: 3, cynics room as a fitting room?

hotel is dead!

4, the hand piece: the sound of wind and rain, how many





5, Taobao guest: the same paragraph with the same paragraph, have to sell (to protect the privacy of men and women, code!)


6, an occasion: Xipixiaolian, P crazy crazy forwarding


chicken were classified as follows:


spoof UNIQLO


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