Problems needing attention in the operation of enterprise website promotion

March 6, 2017

and personal website, enterprise website in the operation of the promotion of the need to consider more problems. We should pay attention to highlight their own advantages, seize their target population, better use of network platform to show themselves. In the process of network promotion, only clear the following, in order to really do a good corporate website.

first, enterprise website is the core of all marketing

1, highlighting their own content

enterprises in the process of the promotion of the site, construction enterprises should pay attention to their own content, allowing users to click in, can be a detailed understanding to the enterprise, but not after browsing the website, even our characteristics, we do not know what is.

2, highlighting the practical function of the site

we said, website promotion is not our purpose, we put the website promotion, the ultimate goal is to use it as a media platform for our product marketing and service. Therefore, in the process of building the site, we must always remember what our website is doing, what can be provided to the user.

3, highlighting the company’s core products or projects

Internet world wide, there are some things in real life, we can show through the network. However, every flow of web users are also many, we don’t need to put all the resources to do the whole, we just need to concentrate on the hold of our target population, we provide the core product or project, attract the attention of target population, our purpose is achieved.

two, website content is always updated, the service should be timely

1, website information dynamic update

often update the site is easy to be caught by the search engine, but also easy to attract the user’s eye. In the process of website construction, we must ensure that our website every day new content, can provide users with the latest things, rather than the old wine.

2, the web page, between the channel, the interaction between the plate is stronger than

only in this way, only in line with the search engine included habits, but also conducive to recommend us to the user. At the same time, it is also beneficial for users to browse our website.

3, heavy content construction, light appearance transformation

network promotion process, the content is always king. We are in the early stage of the construction site, often look to focus on appearance change on the site, but also some such as color, structure, etc. the local change of no importance, not what substantive breakthrough. In fact, this is not wise. Finally, you will find that even before the articles and pages are included, perhaps in such a frequent revision process, are lost. So once the site is established, we have to look to the content.

4, information to focus, to avoid too professional

know, browse the web page every day

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