Comparison of online marketing platform for online marketing

March 6, 2017

online document promotion as a way of network marketing, has also been a number of sites tuiguangyuan applied, then these different online document platform what is different! The ultimate objective of promoting online document is to make advertisement for many known, so upload document browsing and downloads it the online promotion document sought, actually online document effect is that there is a high quality of the chain in the document will be included in Baidu, thereby increasing the weight of the website. However, the different online document platform, so the effect of its promotion methods are also different. Below I will understand in the use of Baidu library, Douding library and information sharing platform for Sina asked the three platform in the process, a simple online document promotion for the quality and the difference between


one, the advantages of Baidu library is the weight of its upload documents, easy to be included, and a large number of downloads, download large as China’s largest search engine Baidu products. Baidu library this platform promotion once success, the effect is obviously! But because Baidu library since 2009 published today, the audit rule has been very strict, but in the document to add the link is more difficult! Upload the Baidu Library in the information is not allowed to change the text font (anchor text size not drowned). In Baidu library, must choose high quality documents, can not think of to win, but pay attention to quality, but not too obvious advertising! Such as upload a data mining machinery, mining machinery China can add link network, but the connection must be natural, can not let the review that the advertisement the presence of


two, Douding nets Library of the audit is relatively loose, this means you can upload more files! Only high quality upload documents can be included in Baidu, many documents are not be included! But the pageview Douding network, has a great effect on promotion, can achieve the number of accumulation, to achieve a size effect China! Such as the promotion of mining machinery, when in Douding nets library search keywords in the page machinery is China mining machinery, the promotion effect will be great!

three, Sina asked information sharing platform is a special platform, because it can not download, online browsing, so download it is very high, spread very quickly! But it can’t be that the document search engines! But the difference is that each data upload information to ask can be synchronized to Sina micro-blog, it will increase the speed of information dissemination, is not online browsing, the higher download is a promoter of love a promotion for the online document platform


each platform has their own characteristics, of course, the face of the object is also different, the integrated use of these platforms to maximize the effect of increasing the effect of online document promotion. Online document promotion is to allow you to browse the document in the process of embedding in their own ads in the document has an impact, but whether it is the amount of browsing or download or increase

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