November China’s CN domain name registration the chain of 80 thousand in October

March 6, 2017

renamed China ( December 17th hearing, according to the latest data released by CNNIC, as of November 2014, China’s CN domain name registration, a total of 11213770, compared to October fell back, a decrease of 83668.

figure: CN domain name growth trend chart

this year, China’s total registered domain name CN in February has declined in March began to grow. After a slight decrease in May, from June to October to maintain growth in November fell.


: CN domain name statistics table

according to the statistical chart data show that in November the total number of.Cn domain name registration for 8878038, accounting for 79.2%, compared to October, a decrease of 149127. Followed by domain name, a total of 1275278, accounting for more than 11.4%. Third is domain name, the total amount of 740675, accounting for more than 6.6%. The remaining CN domain names are less than 2%.

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