SF stealth struggling growth is difficult to directly cut the electricity supplier blue ocean

March 6, 2017

is near the eleven National Day holiday a week before, Beijing is located in the Shunyi District Beijing District SF EXPRESS distribution center and not because before the business volume growth and become hectic. In 11, the door has been neatly parked in a row of IVECO van in front of the door, a group of young boys laughing and talking they waited at once, the capital airport shipped goods here, "in fact, we are now almost without manual sorting." A person in charge of the center said that this piece of land area of more than 10 thousand square meters in the center of this year just moved into. He is excited and helpless: "with the increase in business volume, already unable to place before carrying traffic now, after the move over, not only the lease cost increased (at least 3 times before), and automatic equipment cost more."


is the largest private express delivery companies, but good luck to have remained a veil of mystery. This mystery comes from a deliberate low-key, founder Wang Wei has never received any media interviews. In 1993, 22 year old Wang Wei founded SF EXPRESS in Guangzhou, Shunde, when there were only about 6 people. In 2011, the company’s sales have reached 15 billion, with a staff of 150 thousand, with an average annual growth rate of 50%, profit margin of 30%.

SF never meant to keep a low profile, it is restrained, only slowly change." Li Ya (a pseudonym) SF headquarters public affairs manager, had just entered the company two years ago to change the SF for mysterious image of the outside world, but after she attempts to think too hard, the most simple example, if not called a SF or deputy chief executives in the public, will make they are especially nervous. In view of Wang Wei’s low-key, and SF senior contact, most of them are at the end of the interview was said to be hidden to the title and name, reason is: "Wang Wei is so low-key, we’d better not go out." Another vice president is bluntly: come out to say more, whether it is experience or difficulties, but the final pressure will be applied to the company, and so it is better to do it on the ground, so at ease."

CEO Liu Miao in SF preferred view, Wang Wei is he seen the most wealthy workaholics, this mostly due to the early start Wang Wei retained the habit of occupation. He worked 14 hours a day for 19 years. Some executives say Wang Wei is the kind of a sense of crisis, there is no innovation and change in three months, will let him feel threatened by growing crises.

Liu Miao now recalled 10 years ago and met with Wang Wei, still feel funny. At that time, Liu Miao took Wang Wei to see the Department leadership, but leadership was mistaken for Liu Miao’s driver, in the view of Liu Miao, Wang Wei ten years ago and now little difference, he was wearing a simple but smooth and clean, white shirt, jeans, backpacks, shoes are often installed in him. It is such a simple man with nearly 20 years to subvert the miracle of China’s express industry.

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