Web2.0 site with the most survival value

March 8, 2017

do a suitable for Chinese people use the Web2.0 website, not blindly imitate and learn from foreign Web2.0 site. 3 months of development and promotion process, recalled, the experience of the network can be roughly divided into the following sections.

a, creative

creative website, domain name, the function of creative creativity, we all play their creativity to make this site a lot of small experience, small website function, we are injected into the blood, we all to the user as the center of the development of the site, in the development stage, we noticed a lot of details, quotation information function, we reference, Fanfou, surging Twitter website, publishing function as concisely as possible, we spend a lot of effort, we now see the release function, is the third version.

from the information classification, to the page information expression, we refer to and draw lessons from a lot of domestic and foreign outstanding Web2.0 site, there are successful, also have failed. In some form and function of foreign Web2.0, we found that some function in China does not necessarily work in Chinese, consciousness and habits, and the West there is a big difference, these factors cause the user does not adapt, and even lose his original role.

two, team

"chopsticks are easy to fold, ten chopsticks hard", a successful person said: "it is not necessary for me, the team’s success is my success. ", the modest words are closely related to personal success and team success. In particular, the Internet industry, in science and technology more and more developed today, a person’s strength is extremely limited, the power of a group can be invincible.

in many cases, we are because of the team, perhaps we are not the most powerful, but the strength and potential of our team is not expected. In a website from creativity to development, to the operation, which is the work of the team needs to work together to complete all. Everyone in our team will play to their strengths, different branches of the military confrontation with different strength, different things by the best and most experienced people to do. Any command, the team has a strong executive power, will be careful to complete and achieve it.

Xiong Xiaoge said: "IDG in the choice of the project, to follow the three basic elements: industry competitiveness, product competitiveness, the competitiveness of the team. Of these three, we value the team."

I believe in the future, our team members will not learn, not the growth of the whole team for the competitiveness of the efforts of the


three, promotion

the beginning of the line, the amount of information for us is very important, we need to have the value of quotation information to attract members, we chose the pig Witkey, and launched her friends, let them release your love quotation information. After a month we

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