qiyi put up The audience is too enthusiastic about Tomb notes the server has a fever

March 8, 2017

(admin5.com) A5 station network on July 3rd evening news, half an hour ago, Iqiyi for "Tomb notes" the complete on-line server paralysis.

8 point line, within an hour, the Iqiyi "Tomb notes" fifth set of hits has broken 800 million

!It is reported that

, Iqiyi and members to play sixth sets in the page buffer state, registration of new users to watch shows failure, failure, network for uncle called Iqiyi voice, Iqiyi official said: "we have passion for" Tomb notes ", let us too moved, even our server Jun we have been touched by the enthusiasm to fever"……


look at the comments of users:



as of press time, Iqiyi launched APP VIP interface is still not open, this is too crazy friends around the opening of membership enthusiastic rhythm? Computer in the normal state of play, but the speed is not so awesome. Extended reading: Iqiyi

server can resurrect: user compensation two weeks of membership

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