A station and potatoes officially fit to enable the new domain name Acfun.tudou.com

March 8, 2017

it is understood that the barrage of video sharing website Acfun recently opened a new Acfun.tudou.com domain name, the domain name suffix for the A station tudou.com, the original name for Acfun.tv.


according to the speed transit network, a barrage of video sharing website Acfun recently opened a new domain name Acfun.tudou.com, the domain name suffix tudou.com, but in tudou.com did not find A station entrance. A station original domain name is Acfun.tv.


AcFun was founded in June 2007, is a barrage of video sharing sites, from the name AnimeComicFun, originally serialized animation website, March 2008 to imitate the Japanese video sharing with subtitles made a similar barrage type player NICONICO animation.

in August this year, Acfun announced the acquisition of Youku potatoes (one group) $50 million A round lead investor, one group chairman and CEO Victor Koo said, will provide support for the flow and bandwidth of A station, and add more content. And, in the future, and A will stand in the homemade animation drama, IP industry chain development and other areas of cooperation.

investment A station Youku potatoes is an important strategy to enter the field of the two dimension, the new site can also be seen as the A station is the first step in the excellent soil in the two dimension of the industrial chain. A station Youku potatoes as an important part of the industry chain, the integration of the two sides will continue to expand in the field of animation, film and television, IP whole industry chain.

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