The content of the nternet is still not personalized

March 8, 2017

      in April 24, 2007, the outside looks slightly late day, John · Dole to visit Chinese announced the establishment of KPCB China, facing the media about whether KPCB is too late to ask, he is not to regard it as right and jokes that we have come to the right time ", because he found the two most suitable partner Zhou Zhixiong (Joe Zhou) and Ru Linqi (Tina), therefore, asked the media to China strategy, he would always call Joe and Tina answered," because they have a better understanding of the market situation China".

recently, John · Dole accepted an exclusive interview with Sina Technology, in a brief interview, he talked about his views on the development of American Internet companies, he said, the United States to provide Internet content business is still not personalized and humanized. The following is the full text of the interview.

sina science and technology: how do you look at the foreign capital of the Internet Co with strong capital, and the local venture capital companies pay, but in China is difficult to achieve success?

John ·: Dole: China’s market environment is very different from the United States, the performance of the following aspects – the level of penetration of the Internet, the advertising market, payment systems and regulatory and so on. In some cases, the so-called "American model" will not be effective or impossible to succeed in the Chinese market in the near future, if not adjusted to local conditions. At the same time, foreign Internet Co in order to succeed in the Chinese market, but also must give their Chinese management team with full autonomy. However, many foreign companies are not fully distributed to China’s management team.

Sina Technology: how to treat a large number of China’s Internet Co to imitate the phenomenon of the United States Internet Co?

John · Dole: the best Internet Co will not imitate, on the contrary, they will innovate. In China, they will succeed with their own understanding of the Chinese market.

Sina: can we respectively talk, the original decision decision investment Google, Amazon and Netscape three this company? What are the factors that attract you to invest early.

John · Dole: when we are in the early investment in Google, Amazon and Netscape, attention to 5 factors, these 5 factors we also invest in other projects value:

· excellent leadership team, passionate (Corporate) founders should be missionaries (advanced ideas advocate) rather than mercenaries (for money purposes);

· committed to providing superior technology;

· a huge, fast-growing, untapped market;


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