2008 Spring Festival to promote new tricks

March 8, 2017

2008 is China’s most proud year

new year, as a webmaster. What do you do to bring your new year blessings to your users.

is a personal webmaster. I do not have a very generous gift to my users. But I didn’t ignore them.

I use the new year’s blessing small program to the forum users sent a beautiful blessing, so that we all feel that we have ushered in the 2008.

wrote in front of the use of " Christmas promotion careful German " get a lot of friends support and recognition, today, this new year’s promotion to write. I believe it will be the same as last time. I hope this method can bring a certain amount of traffic.

because I am the Internet cafe administrator, I put the Internet page set and the 2008 is a program that is a blessing, wish to send at the program, but when each customer to the Internet, he will see the nine small program to his friends made a blessing, and some have to meet the 51 QQ space and Xiaonei space in their own. In fact, this is a free advertising, they all give their friends send blessings. In fact, it is for you to do free promotion. My little Christmas program, for now there are 150ip every day, although now Christmas is over. But some friends will go to look at those who are late blessing, there is still a month away from the lunar new year if you can hang up the program of the Spring Festival, it is estimated that when the new year, your IP will not be less than 800.

a lot of small programs online, you can easily find a. I’m very grateful to the people who wrote this little program. Can come up with such a good idea really worthy of admiration. But you have to use this program to earn a little money. You can hang a song advertising, when users in general in the blessing of the friend can be more mobile phone sends a song. After all, the phone is also very popular blessing.

previously wrote articles have been reproduced many stations. But the source has changed the cost of the original station. I would like to reprint the famous people can be the source of this article in admin5.

QQ190156158 gz66 small tang. Need this small program, I can provide lossless.

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