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March 8, 2017

when Taobao in the Internet through the market, when the Jingdong listed in New York, when the double eleven day sales of nearly 60 billion, network marketing has become a hurdle who did not cross over the earth. Enterprise network marketing, because of a combination of online and offline, is to enhance the core competitiveness of modern enterprises. Small and medium-sized operators need to rely on network marketing to achieve their own rapid sales miracle creation.

"camp" to "sell", it is easy, but marketing is not easy, and even some friends in Baidu for the last years of marketing, is nothing. This is no exaggeration, Ms. Xiao white Baidu bid early in fifty thousand months, but then swarmed in, money more competitive, but the name was reported to poison, advertising brush, orders were stolen, finally put on one thousand, and only five hundred profit, is really "dark however ecstasy". Xiao Fei flow, but there is no sales, product conversion rate is very low, so that it has been less than 3/1000, too many ads, a single too little, basically excessive competition to blame. The Raptors fared worse, hundreds of thousands of database on hand, but not transformation; a business has become more and more difficult, two times or more sales effect is not obvious. This low-key Internet expert will enjoy private, refused to theory teaching, aim at sharing the actual dry cargo value delivery, exchange of resources, and make contacts, to expand marketing.

low-key Internet expert will enjoy private, don’t you like Buffett and hundreds of thousands of expert lunch; they are low-key expert, to share with you the experience of dry cargo – "practical reliable". PPC master has the advantage of being able to turn bad into good, Wang Kuan during the period of University income million, has 10 thousand asset light leveraging 10 million projects. At the same time, let you save 5 million of the market, but also allows you to earn more than $5 million a year. Hundreds of thousands of young people have been saved every year, but millions of dollars each year. Occupy the absolute dominance in the search engine Baidu background, promotion has become a necessity, in this case, you need to be fully optimized in terms of price, high conversion rate optimization, optimization of bidding bidding account, top-level design, can make your bid multiplier.


river is the first level to get venture " Chinese contractor; " the river created the Nanjing river level renovation team unique, only through the energy-saving in online orders in 2013, only 3 case managers, leveraging the business volume of about 10000000.

Xie Chang – known as mutton brother. The first one to move to the Internet to take the price of pork and other tools to promote the sale of WeChat people, a year to sell mutton to 10 million, was a number of media reports, said the meat. Founded in 2011, Zhengzhou Qi Qi enterprise marketing planning Co., Ltd., is committed to helping SMEs to provide network marketing consulting services and personalized network marketing solutions.

a lot of friends are still superstitious self tutorial learning, it is true that some people can get some marketing results with the tutorial, but it is far

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