Online business or line business

March 8, 2017

recently there are some things, so I began to think about the relationship between online business and offline business. Have a friend, education is not high, looking for work, and in a few years ago to find a job at Taobao, is selling a badminton equipment, when the customer inside, one month’s salary is 2 to 3 thousand in that way, then Tmall mall reform, too much of a shock, he lost his job. Not long ago, he went to find a job Taobao mall, is to sell furniture, responsible for the operation of the work, wages above 4 thousand.

another friend, graduated from junior high school, go to work, the family has a relationship, also recognized that, so I support him open shop, he opened a shoe store. For today. In front of a friend, today is basically familiar with the operation of Taobao shop operations, do a safe job. The back of the friend, today has to buy a car to buy a house, only 20 years old. Can it be said that online business, really so good to do


this question is like a lot of years ago, others said, in the online order, from a stranger in the hands of the goods can be delivered over, it will be credible?. Today, we also believe. The problem is that most of us act as people who are pushed away by life. So, do not underestimate the ability of the electricity supplier, the electricity supplier to treat the bubble too big speech, I believe that in a very long period of time, the electricity supplier still has great potential.

online business seems to have a lot of advantages in the eyes of ordinary people, such as no rent, for example, can start empty-handed, such as the initial do not need to have too much inventory, even reselling…… In fact, on the surface of these advantages are not advantage, even said that sometimes we think too simple, not rent, the function is difficult to enable senior shop, shop is not open up; start empty-handed, traffic will not find you; inventory and reselling, think is one thing. It is not the same. In fact, the real advantage lies in the marketing of the network, although there are some differences between the line and the line of business, but there are many links.

first, the bidding mode

you may have been unable to find no money in the forefront of the product, the past those Taobao SEO skills, and now most of the auction was swallowed, want to do, you have to understand the bidding. The mode of bidding is much more convenient than the online advertising, based on the analysis of the data will bring more benefits, this is a challenge, but also an advantage. You may contact that the line will auction used to search for a good impression of advertising, buying behavior is just a little bit worse.


is a generalization method

said above is a means of bidding, and more civilians, it is micro-blog, forums and other channels. It can be said that where there are people, where there is promotion. The promotion method is the means of promotion is not all sorts of strange things, the line of business compare. Do online business, on the promotion of the cable, based on the general promotion of the customer

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