How to effectively promote the site Suitable for small and medium-sized webmaster

March 8, 2017

as a small webmaster website, we actually care about nothing more than 3 things:

one: the content of the website, that is, the content of the quality and source.

two: the promotion of the site, how to quickly spread your site.

three: the benefits of the site, the rapid conversion of the flow of income.

here I want to say is second, because for our small owners the most deadly should be in the above second points, many of my friends had a site down, one day a few people to visit is undoubtedly the most fatal blow to us.

content we can reprint.

second, we can go to the website of foreign translation related content.

third, we can also own original.

fourth, we can encourage others to contribute.

fifth, we can also fake others.

(everyone’s resources are different is different, so the source of the article is not much to say, but I found a lot of friends in the content or to do a better job.


often stuck in the promotion of the site above. Look at this traffic every day that a little bit scanty, wipe out our final momentum, finally the complete destruction of our will. Often at this time a lot of webmaster friends can’t boil. Causing the site to hang where a cold, snow and devastation finally burst.

so, we do not have the money to promote the continuation of such a dashed road? The answer is: NO

smart people tend to try different methods in the face of difficulties and to analyze the methods of others.

if you still can not find a good promotion methods, several methods can refer to my hands over. But for some strong willed, strong execution of friends, but the effect is definitely there!!!

method 1 comment promotion

a lot of friends will say, I often go to some big web site and large forum comments, but have no effect. In fact, the vast majority of the forum who cares about your comments or forum signature. So, we want to comment on what kind of promotion is better, really effective. In fact, find some topics related to your blog to comment, as well as some of your target population blog. Often the effect will be surprisingly good. Because 90% of the blog is very concerned about and very curious about your comments on him. In particular, less traffic blog.

select blog comments there are several benefits: first, it is possible to stay outside the chain. Second, most bloggers will visit. Third, visitors will notice you. At present, most of the blog is to stay outside the chain, or the use of a number of comments and other comments box. Can be left outside the chain.

(use multiple >

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