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March 9, 2017

group purchase rebate frequent fraud trap who came to the virtual economy on tap

recently, the shopping Commission as a selling point of the rebate website, group purchase website frequently crashes: Zhejiang "million shopping", Jiangxi Pacific direct purchase network is closed due to alleged pyramid scheme, Ji’nan group purchase website "Walker network", Fuzhou "hundred percent rebate network" responsible with money "run away". Involved in the total number of incidents involving tens of billions of dollars. From all to alleged violations, the virtual economy why is repeated dispute? Experts believe that some business platform facing to the sale, loaning operation risk. Business model innovation must comply with market rules. Regulatory authorities and enterprises should clear the boundaries of business, to prevent violations of the reputation of the industry.

"cash back shopping" 9% "the highest 60 yuan rebate"…… In online shopping businesses can obtain the "rebate" as a selling point of the website have emerged. However, individual sites play shopping zero consumption signs at the same time, funding strand breaks and corporate collapse events are frequent. June 12th, Zhejiang million shopping network on suspicion of organizing and leading pyramid selling crime, the relevant departments of Zhejiang, Jinhua closed investigation. 19, the reporter saw at the site, the page content has been changed to "fight against pyramid schemes illegal and criminal activities of the notice", urged the people involved to surrender. According to the relevant departments of the data, starting in February this year, vanguard shopping loss of about 6 million yuan a day, the cumulative loss of more than $600 million. As of May 30th, total liabilities of the website to participate in the bonus rebate may be as high as 28 billion 700 million yuan, while the book fund only 300 million yuan. Similar "is not a case of insolvency cases. Previously, the Ji’nan Municipal Public Security Bureau of Shandong province has issued a "micro-blog pursuit", the pursuit of "network group purchase website vlog" responsible person, the amount is expected to reach millions of. It is reported that the tour website has repeatedly swept away large amounts of cash, and overdue wages. There are individual website by one-time shopping rebate, the evolution of asking the staff to pay the entry fee". Henan court has made a final decision, that became "Pacific direct purchase network marketing behavior has constituted the parent company.

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group purchase rebate frequent fraud trap who came to the virtual economy on tap

Lotour travel network accused of violence layoffs management and employees each one sticks to his argument

recently, all sorts of negative public opinion network is from micro-blog and Lotour Tourism Forum has pushed in the teeth of the storm. The 8 years of hard work in the Internet company accused of violent layoffs, the size of the team cut from the previous more than and 200 to more than 100 people. Whether the management of employee layoffs, and each one sticks to his argument. Lotto tourism network president Yan Shiyu said firmly, Lotour travel did not implement the layoffs, also did not like that give employees online crazy pass two choices: first, now only wages, signed the automatic separation agreement, leave immediately; second if the compensation, no salary of this month, leave immediately. Employees who leave the company said that the situation described in the online and the facts are basically consistent, the company does require employees to sign a contract

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