How to use micro-blog to achieve precision marketing grasp the needs of content

March 9, 2017

social e-commerce, Facebook has been proven to be a very promising business model. In China, micro-blog platform is also highlighting the potential. Such as diamond, Eslite, Hanson Eastern Lingyan, is the first to be set up as a model of enterprise media using micro-blog to achieve wonderful marketing. Today, a small restaurant, hair salon, big air, telecommunications, insurance and other industries, micro-blog’s deterrent has been fully demonstrated. These successful cases show that the mode of network communication and information sharing can directly affect the business and reputation of the enterprise.

But it’s better at micro-blog

"strafe" consumer "machine gun" used in marketing, not every enterprise can maximize the value will be "concerned". Burson Marsteller Asia Pacific CEO Bob · Pickard said, enterprises must learn to speak a digital story, from all aspects involved in the social media platform, to ensure that the content provided can be used and spread in different platform.

Bob · Pickard believes that enterprises through social media and customers to establish a direct link, is a spider web based communication, is explosive, infectious communication. In the face of such a communication platform without borders, how to accurately grasp the needs of users, will want to convey the information to effectively spread out to achieve business goals, it is particularly important.

accurate grasp of user needs

now Sina has more than 3 registered companies micro-blog, Tencent has more than 2. Every day there are more than 40 companies to apply for registration or add V." This is the Tencent micro-blog business operations center director Ai Fang provides data. Just a year ago, the use of micro-blog marketing approach is not recognized by the enterprise, and now companies have increased investment in micro-blog marketing efforts.

for businesses, micro-blog can help them first in the Internet users to assist in publicity. Before Kobe came to Chinese, Nike through the official micro-blog news disclosure out, Kobe in China during the conference activities such as Nike will invite Kobe on micro-blog fans in, quickly enhance the degree of concern for users of micro-blog Nike, successfully achieve brand promotion.

secondly, enterprises and individuals, like micro-blog can shape their own image, the formation of a better word of mouth among the concerns. For example, in the past, people’s impression of Dongfeng Citroen brand mostly biased fashion, positioning in white-collar men. In its company micro-blog, in addition to information related to the car, but also to talk about the car and life, travel and other topics. Attracted more than 600 thousand fans, of whom 1/3 were women. These people come from all over the country, with different educational and professional backgrounds, forming a fresh group, completely breaking the traditional impression of Dongfeng Citroen. "You will often see the interaction between the staff and the fans, the user can really feel that their employees are young and energetic, and active thinking, love life, pay attention to grade." Ai Fang introduction, the user has gradually become a sense of three-dimensional

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