Mobile application promotion channel survey pre installed installation failure backdoor prevalence

March 10, 2017

not long ago, Meizu chairman and founder Huang Zhang blasted China Mobile pre installed custom machine used in a pile of garbage and not to the official website forum, said the evil forces of compromise, once questioned the hype for meizu. Today, regardless of whether Meizu deliberately hype meaningless, Huang Zhang’s move also once again raised the question of the pre installed software for mobile phones.

Once installed

mobile phone is one of the most effective means of application software access to a large number of users: pre installed applications can help users more easy to use intelligent mobile phone, to bring convenience to the user; application of difference can also help Android mobile phone manufacturers mainly manufacturers to enhance the terminal differentiation, and increase the selling point, to enhance competitiveness; can also help application developers batch user. For mobile phone manufacturers, application developers and users, this is a win-win purpose.

but for now, the phone pre installed software is facing the risk of losing three.

on the one hand, the user can not uninstall preloaded software tucao. On the other hand, with the means of promotion effect is failure, "mobile phone pre installed software is a passive means of access to the user, the content provider (CP), with their contribution rate of less than half." A person engaged in the promotion of the application of the industry to judge.

preinstalled superstition

first, preloaded single refers to the mobile phone manufacturers and mobile phone pre installed applications, the subsequent application of the promotion of deformation.

industry insiders pointed out that the phone preloaded software can be divided into pre installed and pre installed two categories.


mobile phone manufacturers (including manufacturers pre installed pre covering chip level pre installed) and pre installed custom machine operators. Brush covers every aspect of the pre installed mobile phone sales, mobile phone brush will have smuggled goods smuggled goods a licensed mobile phone pre installed, including agents (such as pre brush chinatelling), chain stores (such as pre Suning, Gome, Di Xintong), carriers operating point and other retail outlets such as pre installed. Each mobile phone distribution may be a new pre installed, pre installed at the same time will be pre installed off.

has worked with a number of mobile phone manufacturers to discuss the pre application developers believe that the pre process developers tend to be disadvantaged. " in the process of pre cooperation with vendors, manufacturers tend to choose high-profile cooperation with which applications, who pay high to become one of the criteria for vendor selection. In the subsequent brush assembly, developers may also face the previous efforts come to naught. "

even if the successful pre installed to the user’s mobile phone, the application can win the user is unknown. Another developer said, brush pre process, often brush application eyebrows beard, nature does not match the application and end users. The general application such as WeChat, micro-blog’s good, but some of the so-called " small and beautiful " applications preinstalled on cheap mobile phone, users do not buy it, the effect of pre >

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