The development of small and medium-sized enterprises should take advantage of understanding market

March 10, 2017

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who senior investors are aware of, if you want to make money in the stock market, then a point to remember is "go". For retail investors, the banker’s action is the potential for stocks, the market is the trend". If the dealer has been ready to flee, so retail to early shipment stuck to eliminating the disaster; if the market all the way floating green, so heavily loaded stocks is definitely not what good idea. However, we can see the trend and respond appropriately in the confused, but not everyone can do it. Only experienced people can make a correct judgment on the future situation according to the signs.

operating companies, in fact, in some cases and the operation of shares have similarities. For enterprises, the economic environment is "potential", the market demand is "potential", the government’s policy guidance is also a potential". Decision makers need to predict the future through the understanding of the situation, and then make the appropriate action.

for example, at the end of last year, the Chinese government in order to help SMEs through the financial crisis has developed a number of macro policy guidance. At the same time, the local governments have also issued specific measures to support the development of regional economic development. For example, in Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other places, small and medium enterprises if the use of third party e-commerce services, you can get the government’s financial subsidies. That is, enterprises and become paying customers in the HC network as the representative of the electronic commerce website registration, you can get the equivalent of the 1/3 registration fee subsidies. This policy can be said to be a strong medicine, the market size of e-commerce at the introduction of this policy is showing a blowout.

let’s take a look at Beijing. As early as 2003, Beijing e-commerce market size reached 66 billion 600 million, far more than the Guangzhou area of 20 billion 300 million, becoming the country’s leading e-commerce. But in recent years with the other city on the importance of e-commerce and guidance, Beijing’s top position has been a great threat. Hangzhou city government even confidently said to build China’s e-commerce capital". As the country’s capital and the economic and political center of Beijing will not be left behind, is the first member of the Central Political Bureau and the Beijing municipal Party committee secretary Liu Qixie with many government leaders to the city of Beijing on behalf of the enterprise electronic commerce investigation, followed by Beijing City Economic and information technology Commission to follow up, under the guidance of HC and other key enterprises development "to further promote the development of Beijing software and information service industry". "Opinions" pointed out that the development goal of Beijing city in 2012 will reach 450 billion market size of e-commerce through the support of enterprises to use third party e-commerce services and other measures, the great efforts of unprecedented. It seems that a Chinese e-commerce City, the dispute, will soon be opened.

, of course, no matter who is crowned "electronic business affairs" the golden crown, small and medium-sized enterprises are the biggest beneficiaries. Now Beijing city policy is poised to support the field is like a raging fire. As an entrepreneur, you should be able to see the future

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