My wholesale website promotion experience every 100 yuan to bring dozens of new customers

March 10, 2017


I have done a period of women’s clothing wholesale, is now some experience to write out to share with you, mainly in women’s clothing as an example.


Part 1: how to promote the wholesale website?

a, the preparation conditions (the existing site wholesalers can skip this section)

in order to obtain the trust of customers, wholesale website is best to choose a good record of independent domain name, the faster the site space and user-friendly website program

1, first of all to choose a good domain name, to remember, according to personal experience, although the short domain name now has become a rare species, but the number + Pinyin domain portfolio or a lot, but remember, personal recommendation.

2, choose a good space, this not to say, doing business, find IDC spend more money to a bigger key is to never mind, stability, and speed must be fast. At present, most of the wholesale web site to open the page speed is simply a collapse, it is estimated that wholesalers can not stand, let alone to retain customers.

3, and then choose a good web site program. Of course you can spend money to do it, the price is very large. If you do it yourself, it is best to choose ECSHOP or shopex.

4, improve the content of the site, the commodity is very important to update regularly, in addition, contact information and the latest shipping records should be placed on the front page conspicuous place.

two, began to promote

at present, the network wholesalers do promotion is nothing more than the following:

1, supply and demand in the supply of information website;

2, in Taobao or wholesale forum post;

3, soft Wen promotion;

4, in a number of professional web site put pictures or text display advertising;

5, SEO

6, search engine PPC;

7, word of mouth marketing.

the two methods for everyone, free and easy, but the huge supply of information also leads to the effect of these two methods is the worst.

soft Wen promotion effect than the former two is slightly better, but because the author is his most soft wholesalers even customer service, writing, and lack of emphasis on the route of transmission, so that the smaller the impact.

pictures or text display of the cost of advertising is good, the most popular one of the wholesale forum home page picture advertising was 260 yuan / month, paste text ads only $180 / month. If the words and pictures of the design is reasonable, after the launch, the monthly increase of more than a dozen customers (mostly mostly consignment) or no problem. However, there has been a lot of advertising in the wholesale forum, which has resulted in an average reduction in the effectiveness of each ad, while other wholesale

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