Jingdong now recharge vulnerability security services into a new battlefield of electric commerce

March 10, 2017


Beijing, November 2 Jingdong mall again into the focus of public opinion, the 30 Jingdong recharge platform loopholes. It is estimated that the vulnerability to the Jingdong has brought nearly 200 million yuan of losses, but Jingdong subsequently issued a statement that the amount is not true.

it is understood that the vulnerability of the Jingdong is the right click after the system automatically recharge success, but do not deduct points, while not recharge the success of the points were double returned account. This means that users can recharge unlimited free. With the rapid spread of news, many users began taking calls, it is claimed that the most advantage of the vulnerability of the prepaid charges 360 thousand yuan, while the lawyers remind these users may be suspected of theft. In this regard, there are users on micro-blog said that this vulnerability is not artificial, Jingdong should bear the greatest responsibility.

The Jingdong

said in a statement, the Jingdong unlimited calls, mall integral recharge cards, after verification, is the Jingdong store line points to exchange new business system vulnerabilities caused by the loss of 200 million yuan, but is purely a rumor. Jingdong mall has been the first time to successfully fix the vulnerability, the current user can use the integral points for the purchase of related products. Jingdong mall later will be negotiated with the relevant users to solve, for some malicious order users, Jingdong mall reserves the right to further pursue its legal responsibility.

malicious orders precedent

Jingdong mall had also suffered a similar malicious order event. In June 18th this year, the Jingdong held the anniversary promotion. However, a large number of orders followed by the company was forced to cancel, Jingdong said that the number of orders for a small number of accounts far more than the number of orders under normal users, after the investigation is a small number of dealers using promotional malicious orders.

this situation also appeared in other business enterprises, dangdang.com also appeared the so-called "malicious order" incident, many users reflect their own clearly did not order but dangdang.com orders door-to-door, and ask for money.

according to the Guangzhou Daily reported, Guangdong Aaron lawyer Lu Yuxing believes that the hypothesis is malicious behavior, such as the use of loopholes in the system of trading, the service contract is not from real intention, belongs to the invalid and revocable contract, businesses can not fulfill their obligations, costs should be produced by the malicious party. The good faith transactions are generally common in free promotional activities, consumers do not know whether to send or add to send, businesses should also respond to consumers reasonable compensation.

consumers worry about security issues

for the Jingdong loophole door event, as well as part of the security and stability of online shopping users expressed concern. A micro Bo said, the matter to prove the existence of loopholes in the security system of Jingdong.

cloud platform vulnerability report pointed out that the Jingdong store malicious use points for the bill vulnerabilities caused economic losses to the industry counterparts once again sounded the alarm, the electronic commerce enterprise security cannot neglect, involving money, integral type of business logic.

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