Six months over 100 net loan platform running less than a year on foot more than 90%

March 10, 2017

12 months of products, the annual yield of 21%, the product of the month of the year, the annual rate of return of 19%, the product of the month of the year, the annual rate of return of is 18%…… Right now, as hot as the weather is P2P financial products publicity, many people in the home mailbox will receive these annual rate of return of ultra-high P2P advertising.

P2P platform to more than 4 times a year growth spurt, while the industry is also accelerating the collapse of the tide. According to incomplete statistics, since the first half of the net loan platform has more than more than and 100 feet, of which more than 90% of the operating time is less than a year of opening. Behind the collapse of the P2P platform to accelerate the show no threshold, no regulatory consequences.

investors from investing cautiously to boldly

lending platform overnight ran

what is the P2P network loan? P2P is the abbreviation of "peer-to-peer", can be understood as "partner to partner". 2006, P2P concept introduced from abroad and quickly became popular. The essence of the P2P service platform is the role of an intermediary, it will have one end of the need for cash flow borrowers, and the other end of the people who want to invest idle funds together to achieve effective allocation of social resources.

with high yield of 15%~20% have attracted many investors involved, even millions of high net worth clients give up bank financing and trust to P2P.

three years ago, Mr. Zhang received a P2P flyer in his mailbox, the annual yield of up to 12%~20%. He half believe and half doubt detailed consultation, customer service phone call. After waiting for more than half a year, he finally could not help but cast 1000 yuan to test the water. 3 month period, the annual yield of 18%, he was back on the principal and interest of $45. After repeated tests, he began to increase the amount of.

many investors like Mr. Zhang, from the temptation to carefully invest boldly, but eventually "off with interest". Beijing white-collar Mr. Zheng recently experiencing this painful, because Mr. Zheng was seduced by the annual yield of 16%, in a company called "P2P platform Kosun network", first put some money to do it, get in return on schedule, Mr. Zheng gradually relaxed or heart. The additional investment, and a total investment of 1 million 930 thousand yuan of money. Last month, Mr. Zheng opened the site to check the investment information, found that the site can not open, completely lost contact".

spend hundreds of dollars online registration platform

drum spend Game Crazy

industry insiders believe that the low barriers to entry, no regulation, is the main reason for the barbaric growth of P2P.

according to the existing regulations, P2P network lending platform just in the business administration department for registration, and in the communications management department for the record. However, after registration and filing, there is no effective dynamic tracking management

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