Small bee network community word of mouth marketing case

March 11, 2017

bee is an American cosmetics brand, product characteristics of natural green, natural high degree of more than 95%, baby skin care products is close to 100%, it is interesting that brand never advertised, its founding person "in order to protect the environment". At the end of last year, the bee brand made a social marketing campaign, from brand communication, consumer reputation, network product sales have achieved very good results. Integrated marketing activities in my proposal and participation to complete, I also share the whole process of social marketing for everyone, I hope to give you some inspiration.

the case we used the idea is: brand implants – brand interaction – word of mouth sharing and dissemination – to promote the sale of

brand implanted

first small bees choose suitable implant platform, community and SNS group, the source of aggregate consumer word-of-mouth, through word-of-mouth source and then gradually spread out, finally we choose only the nets set up small bee brand Club, young women’s cosmetics community gathered nearly 400 thousand, accurate consumer groups, the cosmetics related topics. Interest in interactive effect is very good, the most important is that this platform is the most suitable for word-of-mouth sharing and dissemination. We will also bee products with only the nets "baby" (cosmetic products, consumers can comment on products) channel, to enhance the reputation effect, all reputation led the overall product line, the overall brand awareness.

brand interactive

experience in trial bee activity, female users showed extremely strong interest in the community, community activities in the 1 months to convene, received a total of more than 150 thousand 3000 times to browse, reply, can be said to achieve the interactive effect is very warm, a lot of friends are on bee products are extremely concerned about and a strong desire to buy. Through the interaction of the brand, the bee brand to achieve a very good brand exposure, enhance the visibility of the small bee brand in the network, as well as the influence of the brand in the precise female groups.

word sharing and communication

experience activities organized by the community, the trial center for user filtering and screening, select the most suitable for the small bee brand positioning of the crowd trial. Access to trial users are also willing to actively share their feelings with more people, they will try the report published in the small bee brand Club (bee’s Forum), the source of the word of mouth marketing. By only the nets sharing mechanism (incentive), the user will put her to write the test report reproduced to other well-known women in the community, such as: Onlylady, Yoka, Ruili, Sina beauty forum etc.. I finally get the data to share with you:

activity PV nearly 300 thousand;

community called post click (Click) 152124 times, reply to the 3216 time;

bee forum more than and 200 new articles ZhuTie >.

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