Thirty-six police officers complement rank of Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force

September 26, 2020

first_imgLocalNews Thirty-six police officers complement rank of Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force by: – October 20, 2011 1388 Views   one comment Share Share Tweetcenter_img Sharing is caring! Drill display being performed by police officers yesterdayThirty six recruits who graduated from the 30th Recruits Training Course on Wednesday have been called upon to make policing their way of life in order to successfully serve their country as law enforcement officers.Chief of Police Cyril Carette told the recruits with law enforcement agencies facing new challenges in curbing criminality, the onus now lie on the officers to develop new strategies, putting into practice more skills and knowledge acquired during the training course. “Policing is definitely a way of life. If you consider policing just a job then you have chosen the wrong career. You must be reminded at the 21st century police officers should be skillful and resourceful since the role of the police is even broader than it has ever been owing to the increased complexity in criminal activities and a wider classification of incidence as criminal offenses which is as a result of technical advances on the pattern of criminality”.The Chief of Police sent a strong appeal to the officers to remain committed, be professional at all times and refrain from getting involved in illegal activities.“I need to also advise that you stay away from partisan politics because you are expected to serve everyone equally. Do not entertain the belief that you are a police officer only when you are in uniforms; you are professionals and are therefore expected to act as such. It is for this reason that I urge you to be true to the oath which you took in June 2011. Please do not engage in any act of corruption or bribery. Try to espouse the highest level of integrity in your professional and private life”.Senator Alvin Bernard, Acting Minister for National Security, Immigration and Labour, admonished the recruits to harness all their personal attributes and the knowledge and skills acquired during the training in the protection of life and property to uphold the law and to ultimately defend the constitution of the Commonwealth of Dominica.The graduation, he says, marks a significant milestone in their personal and professional development. Police Officers standing with one of the training officers, Superintendent (Ag.) David Andrew“It will also be critical that you assume the responsibilities of role models, leaders, innovators, ammeters of crime reduction and management and as changed agents. Notwithstanding your current ranks, you are the future of your organization and your country. What is this future that we conceive individually for our families, for the police force and for our country? The government of the Commonwealth of Dominica led by Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit is committed to one where every citizen is free to fulfill his or her potential and realize a decent standard of living in an environment of peace, tranquility and safety; one where families can flourish with peace of mind, where the risks to enterprise is such that our country becomes a preferred destination for business or pleasure”.Featured speaker, Former Chief of Police Desmond Blanchard spoke directly to the issue of corruption; an area he believes attracts public opprobrium which has become an ethical issue facing law enforcement officers.He called on the officers to take every opportunity to improve their knowledge and competence in dealing with this issue. “Police corruption is the lack of police integrity. It also constitutes one of the most significant obstacles to positive policing relations into today’s society. Police corruption includes acts of brutality, excessive force, inefficiency. There are eight corruption issues that face law enforcement personnel daily. These issues are acceptance of gratuities, association to known criminals without a supervisor’s knowledge or consent, disclosure or furnishing of confidential information, files, reports, computer information or the identity of confidential sources to unauthorized persons, disclosure of any information concerning any ongoing or planned investigations to any officer, person or agency, office, department, news medium or group not directly involved in the investigation without the expressed consent of the commanding officer, falsification of affidavits, warrants or other official reports, harassment of failing to take reports or legal action against any person due to race, sex, creed or religion or sexual orientation, certain sexual harassment of citizens, coworkers or subordinates and failure to protect the rights of citizens and to follow laws, policy and court decisions regarding those rights with reference to probable cause, arrests, evidence, interrogation, collection, protection and report preparation submission”.Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit reminded the officers that no one including themselves are above the laws in Dominica and that they should not go about dispensing their responsibility by assumed power of authority.“Security of our country is critical and you have to appreciate as police officers that you must at all times, be on the side of the law. You cannot compromise your positions and responsibilities. With the increased capacity to gather intelligence, nothing is a secret in this world. And if you get yourselves on the wrong side of the law, the intelligence community will know who you are; your name, your rank and where you live. I am saying to you that you should not get yourself involved in any illegal activities. This government is committed to the security of this country and this is why we continue to provide the police with the required tools of trait and the required number of officers they need to secure our borders”.Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit presenting Jeremy Leblanc with his award.Awards which were presented included:Best Recruit – Jeremy LeblancFirst Runner Up – Alana HonoreBest at Police Duty Subject – Jeremy LeblancBest at Drills – Chris DefoeBest at Self Defence – Malcolm WilliamsBest at Physical Training (Male) – Marvin AugustineBest at Physical Training (Female) – Marie-Josse RabessBest Shot – Cyril S. CaretteBest at Weapon Training – Jeremy LeblancBest Turned Out Male -Dwight ChristmasBest Turned Out Female – Marie-Josse RabessCommissioner’s Shield for Most Disciplined Student – Terry BalthazaarBaton of Honor – Jeremy LeblancThe training team included the Training Officer, Superintendent (Ag.) David Andrew, Chief Instructors Inspector Winston Laville and Inspector (Ag.) Clem Bruno along with three other instructors and ten other auxiliary instructors.Subjects covered during the course included psychology, sociology, drills, self-defense, first aid and weapons.Dominica Vibes News Sharelast_img

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