Catering entrepreneurs how to build their own restaurant culture

By on April 30, 2017

no culture, no connotation of the business, in the current market is very easy to be copied by others, the competitiveness is very weak, it is difficult to do for a long time. In short, the food and beverage industry is now increasingly fierce competition, and many people feel more and more food and beverage restaurant brand is difficult to do! Not many of the original dry food, with a young, with new ideas and ways to the catering industry, detonated catering industry, which makes a lot of old dining people sit still, my heart was wronged, he worked for so many years, is not a new one started to do good. read more

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Do not miss these critical aspects in the early stages of entrepreneurship

By on April 28, 2017

just venture investors and entrepreneurs who do not know a lot of things, so do not miss the early stages of these critical aspects. The success and failure of entrepreneurship distance is not far away, but in the course of business as long as there is a little negligence and not in place are likely to lead to business failure, and for early stage entrepreneurial people, often do not know what should be noticed early.

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Anhui in the first half of the financial report presentation

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in the process of rapid economic development, the development of each city is accelerating, although the central city of Anhui, but also unwilling to lag behind, the full use of their own advantages, to enhance their own. The first half of the province’s financial operation and maintain the momentum of development of healthy and stable, strong support for the province’s economic and social development, in addition to deposit and loan growth rate higher than the national, central leading direct financing, and equity financing is more rapid growth rate, ranking first in the middle. Here and look at the small series, the financial statements in the first half of Anhui. read more

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Do business may wish to learn the supremacy of the customer is king Ma

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what kind of attitude should we take when facing the customers? The idea of each business is different, different practices, the return will naturally be different. And in the current such a commercial society, we may wish to learn from the attitude of Ma to treat customers, I believe will be helpful to the business of many businesses.

I live in the city with the Han culture civilization in the city, for the convenience of nearby residents read read a newspaper, a few years ago, I offered early retirement and help sister-in-law for cultural business license and tobacco monopoly license, we operate a kiosk, it is located in a downtown side, as long as it is the family business is busy, I always love the book kiosks, while helping sister-in-law to take care of the shop, enjoy a variety of free books. read more

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Consumer demand is affected by several factors

By on April 21, 2017

and consumer business deal, to meet consumer demand is always the key point of business, catering industry is even more so, if we can have a good grasp of the consumer demand, and why don’t you shop profit? So the restaurant owner how to analyze customer needs?

now the catering industry really is not easy, and other industries also need to study your consumers love what to eat, can be targeted to the development of dishes, can really attract consumers, then how to analyze customer needs? To introduce below. read more

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The key factor is what join the dry cleaners

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with the continuous improvement of our living standards, we are under the pressure of life, the demand for dry cleaners is gradually increasing. So, the choice of entrepreneurship to open their own dry cleaners stores, no doubt, is a very strong choice, but also a very business choice!

when the society is developing faster and faster, our life becomes more convenient and quick. More electrical equipment instead of our hands to make our lives easier and more comfortable. Dry cleaning franchise let us better liberate the hands, a lot of valuable clothes, larger clothes can be cleaned by the dry cleaners. The dry cleaners seem to have become a very popular venture. So what do you think is the key factor in the success of a dry cleaning shop? read more

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Ten good projects in rural entrepreneurship always have a suitable for you

By on April 20, 2017

is not so poor and backward rural areas, rural areas now have a new look, in the selection of rural entrepreneurship, maybe there will be a great harvest, a lot of people in the rural entrepreneurs to live a good life, so there is a hot item which is better in rural areas? Today Xiaobian for everyone to list a few, interested can look at.

now brick technology is very mature, and the demand for raw materials, industrial waste is one of the raw material for the production of unburned brick, no two times, rapid utilization, turning waste into treasure, can not only reduce the land occupation and environmental pollution, but also can return the funds, this venture, has been concerned by the majority of investors.

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Youth entrepreneurship fund loans more than 50 million yuan

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for many young entrepreneurs, some of the government’s venture capital and venture capital loans is very important, especially in the early stages of the whole business, to solve some of the worries of funds is very important.

in the high-tech zone of Hefei City, the 31 year old Dr. Wang Guoxing founded the Boxing biological technology limited company, is the province’s first youth entrepreneurship fund benefit of enterprises. Venture capital funds do not attach importance to the traditional mortgage loans and assets, is conducive to the financing of technology-based companies. The company’s treatment of cancer protein antibody research requires a lot of money, the company received 400 thousand yuan of loans, can promote product development to keep up with.  , said Wang Guoxing, the company sold more than 6 million yuan last year, this year is expected to achieve explosive growth. read more

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What are the future wine sales skills

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The development of the market more and more with the development prospects of

Wine, followed by the development of wine industry, many entrepreneurs to invest on the liquor industry projects are also very interested in what Wine sales skills? Let us learn together under.

whenever Wine demand in the market is very large, Wine industries have good investment prospects. Of course, investors want to act as wine, or need to have a certain sales skills, in order to more smoothly sell wine, after all, there are many competitors in the wine industry. So, what are the sales skills of wine? read more

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