Keywords enterprise website construction initial study on two or three points

By on September 16, 2017

, a core keywords find tools

We often rely on , thank you!

we can clearly see the long tail of a link, let an entry communicated with another. As for what it means to our website, a connectivity that is the site of the chain, in use. This is to improve the user experience of the website, and links to the full effect of construction.

two, long tail keywords find consumer

in the whole process of website construction, I always feel the need of keyword research under the foot, especially long tail keywords, which is to improve the user experience and website of the coherence of the key, so we should seriously study keywords. The original article by the fast 贵族宝贝youbianla贵族宝贝, reproduced please keep the source read more

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Keywords mining National Day traffic soared and optimization is the key

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      two, the content of the chain more search engine on

      morning sitting in front of the computer, the first thing to do is to use Adsense tools inquires the site, found that the snapshot keywords ranking are not what a big change, but the love of Shanghai traffic statistics found that today there was a big surge, although it is a new station, but this trend in a few days before the change, from the view of IP traffic statistics in recent days has been rising trend, a careful analysis of love Shanghai statistical search words that are related to National Day keywords, and these words are in recent days by digging out the tool.   seize the popular events, the most popular festivals can increase website traffic, for National Day site traffic promotion, I think we must do mining and optimization of key words, which can be divided into the following: read more

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nternal links and weight construction thinking Raiders

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is not important page

Distribution of

accept other Shanghai Longfeng interview from a year ago to interview Shanghai Longfeng position now, I can only say that the bitterness can have how many people to know, it is the thirty years Hedong Hexi thirty years. Last weekend, the interview a few to do Shanghai dragon friends, all kinds of interview process, with wonderful and terrible to summarize. I want to do is to optimize a independent station in Shanghai Longfeng, however for friends have stressed their day in the XX forum XX chain, powerful point, on a blog, do ask. A soft and no 1 people mentioned the station structure optimization. read more

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Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform issued on the site syntax description does not exist K station

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nearly two part of the site site to query the data reduction problem, we have to follow in an emergency, please wait patiently for the webmaster. At the same time to clarify the following two problems:

believe that many webmaster relieved, but on the site announcement to the webmaster explained what, this is self-evident. According to love Shanghai recently a series of actions, the majority of owners who want to continue to follow the footsteps of love Shanghai.

dear Webmaster:

2, Site query syntax to estimate value, the accuracy is limited, please love Shanghai Webmaster Platform index data as the standard tool. read more

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How to let the eleven day old revision site was re understanding and recognition of love in Shanghai

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took over the company old site also has nearly three months before, has been in preparation. The most important is to put the old website into a new website for the interface and exchange programs, equal to large surgery. The time spent more than a month.

link exchange platform update links

I try to

I choose the layout of CSS+DIV, to develop the use of DedeCMS program. Fix the time is about May 18th, because I do record promotion document in May 19th. In addition to rest on Sunday, is down to yesterday, spent a total of 11 days. read more

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How to improve the value of web pages

By on September 12, 2017

This Open speed

website art do better. You can go to Shanghai in search of Love Toast baby, this site is an example of our study. It is not gorgeous art, only a few users look more authentic and detailed images, allowing users to see the public feeling "

1. website. We are in a "fast" era, people’s lives are now pay attention to efficiency, time is money, so our web site open speed is one of the most basic experience. If the user clicks on your website has not opened, the user will close this page, because you are not 12306, you can choose it off another website. So if your site is too slow, even if your site content again, users cannot see, is useless. So we must improve our website open speed. Chinese users ability to bear the site speed is relatively high, but does not mean that users can limit the waiting, generally if your site in 8 seconds after the user clicks is not open, then you will be the probability of user closes will reach 95%. We recommend the best site open speed within 5 seconds, of course, this is the Chinese continent, the 8 seconds is not applicable to do foreign trade station friends. To open the speed test site, it is recommended that you install a love of Shanghai, so that we can test the speed of our website, enter the love Shanghai statistics page, click on the site in the Shanghai statistical diagnosis rate of love, we will see the following page, shown in red is the web page open speed: read more

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One put an end to Chunwangchihan optimization strategy

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lip tooth?

on the sprocket, presumably there are many owners are aware of, and there have been many follow. The reason is that the chain wheel for the main blog increase the weight, rapidly improve the site’s ranking, even "love Shanghai" can see tens of thousands of information is introduced. This time you are still thinking do sprocket improve your weight? Now the website optimization on the one hand, the weight of some well-known blog search engine to significantly better than in the past. On the other hand, you know through such methods can rapidly improve the fraud search engine website ranking, the search engine itself is not pretend to two ears do not hear out of the window? Or so far, there are still a part of the sprocket to be fruitful, but in many cases, its operation will have "upgrade". If you use the same old way repeatedly to do, finally is to wait in a cocoon around oneself is right down. Moderately affected link beneficial website weight increase, search engine will think is deliberately cheating, but only for no ending, will bring challenges to crowning calamity website optimization, search engine rules of the bottom line, whether or not. read more

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Huang Cong 2 steps to fix the website structure

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two, the content of web pages

2, breadcrumb navigation is to be done, the most important thing is not to write the page keywords crumbs "home", and should be the keywords you want to optimize the home page.

1, the site must be placed above and to the left of the most users want to see the information, not you contact your company is not news, but should be the latest product information you! And is the most recent user attention, how to know what users are most concerned about? Huang Cong believe that every webmaster would have statistics the data of their own, as long as you look at the recent news volume is the largest single product which, in the top left of the page. read more

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Users on the four aspects of the site experience

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second: web design, can not be ignored.

for men, the woman’s face is very important, because a good face can get more Green Mi, no one is willing to have an ugly face. Construction of web design website is the face, if not pretty words, give users a bad impression, causing the user dissatisfaction. That is a terrible thing, such things happen, we should design on the page to make an investigation to see where it went wrong. For example, the picture will be riotous with colour bring very uncomfortable feeling to people, which is what we usually say dazzling. No one love this feeling, because it can not find a sense of direction, like a body to see the clothes color too much, not a main color. The other sites do not appear too many pictures, pictures will slow down the speed of the open web page. The template to make a comparison, found in many websites some website structure is good, take them for a comparison. Starting from the overall comprehensive is the best website template, or find out, and then improve. read more

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When love Shanghai products are no longer friendly webmasters should decide on what path to follow

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Hello, we all know Shanghai is currently China search engine, search engine optimization we often say basically is for love to do in Shanghai, a few days ago when our company manager gave me a website, let me do the ranking, when I first started on the site update daily some articles, send some outside chain like, but after a few days, the site has no results, some managers anxious, he said to me, we do search engine optimization is to optimize the Shanghai sex, since it is natural to love Shanghai optimization, and lay a good deal with the love of Shanghai. Do you love some sea products, I think the manager said is reasonable, so I’m just going to start doing. But after I made the search, but the search for some content like this, then I really fall in love with the sea products have a comprehensive understanding of. read more

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