Grassroots webmaster Shanghai dragon journey, to choose the domain name

By on November 29, 2017

Figure Select the domain name

choose to do Shanghai dragon, can let us get to the search engine rankings, so that our products and then convert to buying products on the Internet users to search. The beginning of the contact is very confused, so many years of playing computer every day looking at the website, day day in Shanghai, we do not know the site is a hard worker to do the Shanghai dragon.

2. can also be and site theme or site name echoes, can let a person see the domain name to Lenovo website content. For example, try the company and brand names, such as the international brand BMW official website, bmw贵族宝贝 and China " read more

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The clever use of the title of Shanghai Dragon Mining search habits

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why should the clever use of Shanghai, the title of the article, rather than the content of the article? According to the author’s experience shows that if we write in Shanghai Longfeng article, the title can make good use of it, than in the article in the keyword stuffing the effect to be better, therefore, this needs us to the very understanding of their own industry.

in the new year before the Spring Festival after a period of days, when many companies and units or organizations held corporate annual meeting, often at the same time is the restaurant of the season, if not scheduled in advance, to find a suitable company big party in recent time place, or very troublesome. This is the Amoy K net a profit opportunity, because we are faced with customers is that part of the consumer demand is scheduled > read more

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