Malware is being spread on Twitch that empties your Steam wallet armory

By on September 1, 2019

first_imgBeen spending a lot of time on Twitch watching those wacky fish searching for Pokemon in the tall grass or nailing each other with Hadoukens in Street Fighter? You may be putting yourself in harm’s way. There’s a nasty piece of malware being spread to Twitch users that can clean out your Steam account.Researchers at F-Secure are calling this new malware Eskimo, and its attack vector is one that’s older than the Internet. Users are being duped into thinking that a harmless-looking contest entry will reward them with awesome in-game upgrades on Steam. Instead of putting anything in to you Steam inventory, however, Eskimo immediately sets to work cleaning out your entire digital locker.Eskimo’s creators will wipe out your Steam Wallet balance. They’ll also take any digital goods you have saved in your armory or Steam inventory and put them up for sale in the Steam Marketplace at a discount. During the first round of attacks, F-Secure says prices were typically set to 12% below the going rate. Now, that’s changed. Eskimo is slashing prices by 35%, presumably to turn a quick profit before the malware’s activity is detected by users.The dirty work is carried out by a Trojan that’s dropped after a user fills out the bogus sweepstakes entry form — which is currently being spammed to certain Twitch channels. When it takes root, it helps itself to all the Steam privileges it needs: adding friends and accepting pending requests, buying items, selling items, and sending and accepting trade offers.Clearly some scammers find the tried-and-true method of bilking Steam users by dropping offline before a trade is completed or promising a Paypal payment once items are sent and then changing profile names and going private. Must be too much work.Just remember, geeks: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Even if it’s just a digital bayonet.last_img read more

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