By on May 3, 2021

first_imgIS IT TRUE we are expecting the Judge to rule today on the merits of the law suit filed against the City by the FOP and EFD concerning their Employees Health Care benefits?  …we are told the ruling of the FOP and EFD employee injunction for a stay could go either way? …if  the injunction is granted by the Judge the City employee Heath Care insurance  costs will remain the same as agreed on in the 2016 employee contract?  …if this happens the City of Evansville shall face a major financial crisis beyond belief?IS IT TRUE a quiet search for a replacement of the current Chairman of the Vanderburgh County Democratic Party is presently being conducted?  …we are hearing that the current party Chairman is beginning to appoint precinct leaders that will choose the new party Chairman?  …isn’t this called “stacking the deck”?  …we hear that Mathew Newell is considering running for this position?  …  Attorney Scott Danks is being encouraged by many of the party movers and shakers to run for this position?  … Mr. Danks has outstanding organizational and fund raising skills that could quickly turn things around for the local Democratic?  … we hear if Mr. Danks want to be the next Chairman of the Vanderburgh Democratic party it’s his for the asking?IS IT TRUE  the next Vanderburgh Democratic Party Chairman will immediately be challenged to raise around $40,000 plus for past unpaid bills?  …this figure doesn’t include money needed to hire new staff and pay for future operational costs?IS IT TRUE the once proud and powerful Vanderburgh Democratic Party demise started when Mayor Jonathan Winezapfel cut a backroom political deal to defeat Mayoral candidate Rick Davis? …a couple of the same individuals involved in the Rick Davis for Mayor situation also cut another backroom political deal to insure that Mayor Winnecke would win re-election over Gail Riecken? … when Mayor Weinzapfel left office he took with him a political war chest of $750,000 and landed a high paying job as Chancellor of Ivy Tech-Evansville?  …you now have the answer why many supporters of Rick Davis and Gail Riecken shall never support or trust anyone in involved in the demised of their candidates?  …this is why the new party Chairmen must not be someone who was involved in working against Rick Davis and Gail Riecken Mayoral campaigns?IS IT TRUE City Officials are planning to established a “Special Tax District” for Downtown?  …this project is being touted as way to generate money to create new capital for Downtown Evansville without using public money? …when Government create a new source of revenue for future capital projects this is called a “TAX”? ….we are told that the “Special Tax District” money collected for Downtown capital projects will be managed by a Board of Directors?  …we wonder who will be appointed as the Director of this “Special Tax District” for Downtown?  …will it be Downtown Alliance Director Josh Armstrong (a Chamber of Commence employee) that will oversee the establishment of the “Special Tax District for Downtown”?  …if he’s selected Director of this project who will be paying his salary (Chamber of Commence or the City)?IS IT TRUE wasn’t Mr Armstrong the person that the City of Evansville hired to run a contest to select a restaurant owner to start an upscale restaurant in the vacant Rogers Jewelry building on Main Street without assuming any startup costs? …the winner of this free turnkey restaurant turned the offer down because it turned out that this project was not free at all?  …it was reported that Mr. Armstrong was paid around $30,000 of our hard earned tax money to head up this failed project?IS IT TRUE we wonder why the City of Evansville continues to pour millions of dollars into the Downtown and the Haynies Corner Art District areas and avoid doing similar for the West Franklin Street, Lincoln Avenue (Center City) and South Green River Road areas?FOOTNOTE:  Todays “READERS POLL” question is “Do you feel that the City of Evansville should continue to pour millions of our tax dollars into the Downtown and Haynies Corner area”?FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

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