Sasol introduces LP Gas for homes

By on December 18, 2019

first_imgAccording to the company, Sasol Homegas will help ease the burden on South Africa’s power grid, ensuring that buildings have a reliable alternative energy source while mitigating escalating electricity costs. South African petrochemical giant Sasol is expanding its market offering by introducing liquid petroleum gas (LPG) reticulation from bulk on-site tanks as an alternative energy option for local housing developers. “LPG has been used in the United States and Europe for decades as a safe and convenient source of energy for home usage,” said Sasol Oil sales and marketing GM Vusi Cwane. “Stringent safety and quality standards are the hallmark of Sasol Homegas. We are proud to offer a safe, clean, integrated energy solution.” The system is serviced and maintained by professionals who undertake visual inspections and test functionality regularly, while also conducting leak-detection tests every six months. Century Property Developments has signed on to install Sasol Homegas in the Waterfall Country Estate in Midrand, north of Johannesburg, providing reticulated gas to about 2 000 homes. 26 October 2010 South African retail sector first Sasol Homegas provides business, industry and households with heating solutions using reticulated LPG from bulk tanks that range from 6 200 to 22 500 litres, making the project the first of its kind to be undertaken in this scale within the South African retail sector. “We are proud to be associated with Sasol in this project,” said Century Property Developments CEO Mark Corbett. “Already, we have seen purchasers embrace this value-added feature of the estate.” Sasol Homegas is installed by qualified, experienced professionals to meet all international and local safety standards, as required by ISO, the South African Bureau of Standards and the Liquid Petroleum Gas Safety Association of SA. Safety and quality standards “Many South Africans are thinking twice about how they make use of energy at home and at work,” Sasol Oil new business development manager Pieter Claasen said in a statement earlier this month. “Sasol Homegas provides them with a safe and clean energy solution that significantly reduces electricity costs in the home.” Sourced from a custom-fitted Sasol tank located on the premises, Sasol’s LPG system can be installed to meet up to 70% of household energy requirements – from heating rooms and water to fuelling stoves and braais. As required by law, Sasol adds a unique odour to LPG so that the slightest leak is detected immediately. SAinfo reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

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ken Maneuver working wax 100ml : Work great, and the ladies love it!

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first_img Weak hold, need to apply quite a bit which results in greasy hair. First time using and think it’s very good. I used to use the “polish up” from redken and decided to give it a try with the maneuver and i’m not regret at all. It’s a great wax for those people like me that prefer to not have a glossy finish, but only to have the hair “naturally” up. Good “wax” i’ve been using it for years,and i think it’s one of the best out there. Perfect texture, get the styling you want no smell not wet looking either. Loved the product and it does allow you to re-shape your look during the day at whim. Work great, and the ladies love it. This hair goo has been the one i’ve used for the longest stretch ever, mostly because i can’t find the downside. It’s got a nice natural hold, keeps my hair under control, doesn’t have a residue and isn’t difficult to wash out. All other products i’ve tried have has at least one of those downsides. And, i’ve had more than one girlfriend mention how they like to be able to run their hands through my hair, which next to nothing at all, this is the best way to do it :-). I’ll start out by saying i use a much cheaper and easy to find hair gel but with my thick haired partner this is the only product that will work in his hair. Thick hair is made much lighter and easily managed once applying this gel. Also has a long lasting positive smell. Would recommend if you have thick hair. Also it’s very difficult to find this in the shops. I got this cheap the first time. I got this cheap the first time round, when my partner was getting really good deals on beauty through work. I balked at the rrp initially, but my first tubr lasted a long time and when i tried going back to cheaper products, i realised it’s well worth it, it’s only the cost of a cheap haircut after all. This isn’t really a wax in my opinion. It’s like a very fine air-whipped mouse, but more dense than you’d imagine. Not sticky or greasy at all and works well on wet hair. First time using and think it’s very goodGreat stuff. I got this cheap the first time Work great, and the ladies love it!The service is amazing!Redken Maneuver working wax 100mlThis wax gives an array of styling choiceMild, medium and maximum control productslast_img read more

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