Redesign and new name for entering European markets: Cycling product Bicikademija stanica – Bikademy

By on November 18, 2020

first_imgThe whole story works extremely simply. The Bikedemy application is downloaded, a tour is selected, a check-in is made at each given location as a confirmation that the last tour, when all the default locations have been passed, you have passed the “exam” and that’s it. After passing all the exams of a particular Studio, Bike Students also receive an award. In addition to new tours, ie studies, old Studies such as: all five Slavonian counties, Bjelovar-Bilogora County, Istria 1 and Istria 2 and the island of Rab are also available on the application. Do we want to develop cycling tourism? Here is a great opportunity for all destinations to make their tours and studios, in a different and innovative way. In addition, it is a Croatian tourist, and soon export, product. “Bikademy is not only for athletes, but for all people who love cycling and cycling. The bicycle is ideal for touring regions and cities, and this corona crisis has only enhanced the use of the bicycle in everyday life. We will certainly represent successful people from various branches of the economy who use the bicycle in everyday life and for whom the bicycle is a lifestyle.”Adds Herceg. Already existing cycling product The bicycle academy has experienced its new design and is becoming a new brand under the name Bikademy consisting of a new one Web pages i new Android apps. The platform is primarily intended for an increasing number of cyclists, both foreigners visiting our country and domestic, and thus can serve as a an excellent tool and added value in the tourist offer of the destination. The team that worked on the rebranding consists of: Tin Horvatin, Boris Predmerski, Berislav Petrović and Krešimir Herceg. For Croatia prizes provides GIANT Croatia. Bikademy is an innovative and interactive cycling tourism concept (Made in Croatia) that promotes certain areas as ideal cycling destinations.  In addition to the redesign and the new application, Herceg points out how they opened two new studios – Zagreb and Berlin. For example, Studio Zagreb consists of seven locations or Exams: Ban Josip Jelačić Square, Maksimir Park, Jarun, Bundek, Lake Savica, NSB, Mirogoj. It is planned to go out on European market, and mostly for that reason, the complete content is in English, he points out Krešimir Herceg when asked what the new functionalities of the application are, he adds: “In addition to the design and creation of the new Bikademy brand that we have been developing over the past few months, we have also developed a new application that is more functional, easier to use and closer to users. ” Herceg points out. It is an interesting concept that destinations present through Studies consisting of natural and cultural heritage sites that represent Bikademy Exams. Also, at this time of the coronavirus pandemic, it is a new way of outdoor recreation that connects active life with tourism, natural and cultural heritage. Which is extremely important due to local consumption, especially in the pre- and post-season, as well as when the borders are “closed” due to the epidemiological situation. last_img read more

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