Call for release of newspaper editor who has completed half of 10-month sentence

By on June 12, 2021

first_img Coronavirus: State measures must not allow surveillance of journalists and their sources to go further News EcuadorAmericas Reporters Without Borders calls for the release of newspaper editor Milton Chacaguasay Flores, who has completed half of a 10-month sentence for “insulting” a judge and could therefore be freed on good behaviour. The owner and editor of La Verdad, a weekly based in the southwestern city of Machala, Chacaguasay was convicted on appeal on 15 November 2008.“We urge the judicial authorities to rule in favour of his release,” Reporters Without Borders said. “This case highlights the need to decriminalise press offences. Jailing journalists does not redress defamation, does not help to protect society and does not protect the media against abuse of the law. This legislation must be amended.”Press offences continue to be punishable by imprisonment in Ecuador, unlike much of the western hemisphere where the general trend is towards decriminalisation in line with article 13 of the American Convention on Human Rights and the jurisprudence set by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.The complaint against Chacaguasay was brought by judge Silvio Castillo over a September 2007 article about alleged “illegal enrichment” by an unnamed judge. A lower court acquitted him in May 2008 after he demonstrated that neither he nor the newspaper were responsible for the article, which was contained in a free insert.Castillo won his case on appeal last November. The ten-month jail sentence was passed by the same court that had previously sentenced Chacaguasay to eight months in prison in February 2008 for allegedly insulting a leader of the Social Christian Party by linking him to corruption. News Reporters Without Borders calls for the release of newspaper editor Milton Chacaguasay Flores, who has completed half of a 10-month sentence for “insulting” a judge and could therefore be freed on good behaviour. The owner and editor of La Verdad, a weekly based in the southwestern city of Machala, Chacaguasay was convicted on appeal on 15 November 2008 April 10, 2020 Find out more April 15, 2009 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Call for release of newspaper editor who has completed half of 10-month sentence Follow the news on Ecuador Two months before Assange’s extradition hearing, RSF calls for his release on humanitarian grounds and for US Espionage Act charges to be dropped June 15, 2020 Find out more Help by sharing this information December 24, 2019 Find out more Receive email alerts EcuadorAmericas RSF_en News News Organisation Coronavirus “information heroes” – journalism that saves liveslast_img read more

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ERCOT commits to better planning

By on June 2, 2021

first_imgLocal News Pinterest WhatsApp Previous articleCockburn, Dosunmu lead No. 5 Illini past Northwestern 73-66Next articlePandemic politicking: Israel’s election sprint echoes US’s Digital AIM Web Support Pinterest State Rep. Brooks Landgraf reported Tuesday that he and other legislators had just talked with officials of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas who discussed “best case, worst case” scenarios postulating either that the state’s power might be restored immediately, that outages would persist for several more days or that rotating outages would begin leaving customers without power for only an hour at a time. “According to ERCOT, the best case is that most off-line power plants can begin generating in the next few hours and power can be restored to most Texans by this afternoon,” Landgraf said. “The worse case is that most plants will remain off-line and the current situation will persist for several more days. “The likely case is that many plants can begin generating in the next few hours and that ERCOT and transmission owners like Oncor can get on a true cycle, starting this afternoon, of rotating outages that leave customers without power for only an hour at a time. The outages would then be reduced in frequency as more power plants begin generating power again.” During an afternoon news conference, ERCOT officials said the top priority is providing power to customers reliably and said they will beef up plans and make sure widespread outages don’t happen again. CEO Bill Magness went over outages and said losses came from many different types of energy and that prep work started as early as Feb. 8. He said that by Sunday night it was clear that the weather event was much worse than anticipated and that the supply could not keep up with demand. Having criticized ERCOT for its inaccessibility Monday night, Landgraf said, “ERCOT acknowledged that they have failed to communicate with the people of Texas during the last several days and they said they are committed to improving communication as they work with power generators and transmission owners to restore power. I appreciate that acknowledgement and will hold them to their promise.” The Odessa Republican said ERCOT officials told lawmakers that the primary reason for the outages was that generators had been unable to produce electricity onto the grid because of freezing conditions everywhere from turbines and wellheads to power plant facilities and along service lines. “To me, this means that there were also not sufficient plans to ‘winterize’ in critical places that needed to be prepared for these prolonged sub-zero temperatures,” Landgraf said. “Additionally, there is some talk about ‘gouging’ or electricity prices being hiked. I don’t believe this is the time for that and I will be working to make sure that freezing Texans aren’t asked to bear the burden and cost of someone else’s mistakes. “Lastly, Gov. Greg Abbott has just declared ERCOT reform as an emergency item that my colleagues and I in the Texas Legislature can begin working on immediately. I’m ready to do that, including making sure that only Texas residents can serve on the ERCOT board of directors, which is not currently the case. Obviously, other big reforms need to be made as well.” Landgraf had said Monday night that the Austin-based ERCOT, which manages most of the state’s power grid, had failed to plan adequately for the gigantic snow and ice storm that darkened and immobilized the state and that he would help lead a review of its failures after the storm’s severity had been forecast all last week. “Not enough was done by ERCOT to prepare,” said Landgraf, who is participating in the current legislative session in Austin. “This entire situation needs to be reviewed and corrective action is absolutely necessary.” Asked what benefit Gov. Abbott’s deployment of personnel and equipment around the state would be to Odessa and Ector County, Landgraf said, “I’m working to get more information on welfare checks and warming stations.” In a statement to the Odessa American and his constituents, the Odessa Republican said, “You’re cold and frustrated. “My family and I are, too. I’m sorry that our state’s grid has let so many Texans down. You deserve better. If you need to vent, please feel free to vent here. I don’t mind being the piñata without any candy. I’ve been trying to get answers from ERCOT about a timeline for power restoration, but it is difficult getting them. “I believe it’s important to communicate with the public,” Landgraf said. “We would rather get bad news with transparency than no news at all in a situation like this. Based on the answers I have received, this appears to be a perfect storm, literally. The cause was record-breaking demand that coincided with hard freezes at both sources and electricity generating stations.” ERCOT’s members include consumers, cooperatives, generators, power marketers, retail electric providers, investor-owned electric utilities, transmission and distribution providers and municipally owned electric utilities, according to its website. “We can all agree that this is a very rare occurrence, but our grid and our state’s policies needed to account for it,” Landgraf said. “I will do my part to exercise that type of oversight. Amid all this frustration, remember that many hard-working grid workers, first responders, healthcare providers and non-profit volunteers are taking care of Texans in need. Please take a moment to appreciate their selfless work and keep them in your prayers.” Abbott on Monday announced his deployment of National Guardsmen across the state to conduct welfare checks and help authorities move people to 135 warming stations. On Sunday, he had gotten a waiver from the U.S. Department of Energy for power generators to increase production, although some were unable to because they were frozen, he said. The governor dispatched 3,300 state troopers to stricken areas along with 90 personnel, 28 high mobility multi-wheeled vehicles, a field light ambulance and four wreckers from the Texas Military Department, 585 personnel, 531 four-wheel drive vehicles, an airplane and nine K-9 teams from the parks and wildlife department, 83 personnel, six roadgraders and 58 four-wheel drive vehicles from the forest service, 2,314 personnel, 695 snowplows, 188 loaders, 55 roadgraders and 757 four-wheel drive vehicles from TxDOT and an ambus, an ambulance strike team and four severe weather groups from the Texas Emergency Medical Task Force. He had previously issued a disaster declaration for all of the state’s 254 counties and had obtained a federal emergency declaration from the Biden Administration. Twitter Facebookcenter_img Facebook ERCOT commits to better planning WhatsApp By Digital AIM Web Support – February 17, 2021 Twitter TAGS  last_img read more

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Pampas plumes

By on January 17, 2021

first_imgPampas grass can be a very attractive and functional plant when used correctly in landscapes. Because it grows rapidly into a massive plant, pampas grass is an excellent screening plant for sunny locations. It can also be used as a specimen plant in isolated locations in large lawns.A large perennial grass native to Brazil, Argentina and Chile, pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) grows in large clumps 8- to 10-feet high. Unfortunately, pampas grass is often incorrectly used as a foundation plant. It is purchased from a nursery as a small plant and planted close to homes. The plant will look great the first year, but after several years it grows so large that it blocks the view of the home. In addition to blocking views, pampas grass can cut those who come in contact with it. When selecting sites for pampas grass, consider the danger to passersby from contact with the very sharp, saw-like edges of the leaves. CarePampas grass should be planted where it will receive full sun most of the day. In shady areas, it will grow very slowly and usually will not produce plumes.Once pampas grass is established, it is practically trouble free. There is no need to spray for insects or any other pests. It will grow in most soils and responds favorably to frequent fertilization. To obtain good growth and plume production, pampas grass should be fertilized four times a year with a complete fertilizer (10-10-10) at a rate of 2 pounds per 100 square feet. Before new growth begins in the spring, prune away any brown leaves and dead materials that accumulate at the plant base. If winter is particularly harsh and a great deal of browning has occurred, the entire plant can be rejuvenated by cutting it back to within 2 feet of ground level with lopping shears or a chain saw. Move slowly and wear jeans, a long-sleeve shirt and gloves when pruning pampas grass. Again, the sharp leaf blades will cut hands, arms, legs and other unprotected parts of the body.PlumesIn late summer, pampas grass produces silvery white or pinkish silken plumes that raise the plant’s height to 12 feet. Female plants produce plumes that are broad and full due to silky hairs covering the tiny flowers. Male plumes appear narrow and thin because of the absence of hair on the flowers. The difference in appearance is not obvious at first glance.Pampas grass plumes are highly prized for indoor decorations. Plumes used for decorating should be cut as soon as they have fully emerged. They can be used in dried arrangements immediately after harvesting or dried by hanging upside down for later use. If mature plumes are brought indoors, their delicate fluffy flowers can become a bigger problem than a shedding dog or cat. To prevent shedding, spray mature plumes with hair spray. Striking feathery plumes combined with large, graceful clumps of foliage make pampas grass an interesting addition to most landscapes when planted in the right location.last_img read more

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YouTube video makers help celebrate Mandela’s legacy

By on December 18, 2019

first_img23 May 2014The Nelson Mandela Foundation on Thursday published a sneak preview of YouTube Film Hack – a competition for South African video content creators, in collaboration with Google South Africa, to produce inspiring YouTube marketing content using Mandela’s legacy as the creative springboard.YouTube Film Hack competitors received a standard brief and a limited amount of time to create a YouTube campaign “that will inspire South Africans across the country to follow in the footsteps of the much-loved Madiba,” the foundation said in a statement.Submissions had to include a short YouTube film as well as an advertisement to drive traffic to the video. The three YouTube films that made it to the final round are currently live on YouTube. In no particular order, they are:According to the foundation, the number of views each film receives will be one of the judging criteria, along with innovation and interactivity.The final #LivingTheLegacy winner will be announced on 27 May. Two members of the winning team will earn a trip, sponsored by Google South Africa, to the 2014 Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

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Hands On: The Difference Between The iPhone 5S And The iPhone 5

By on December 15, 2019

first_imgRelated Posts The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Tags:#Apple#iPhone#iPhone 5#iPhone 5S center_img Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement taylor hatmaker Today’s the day that the new iPhones have hit the shelves in the U.S. The pricier—and apparently more desired—iPhone 5S is not easy to find today, but after managing to get my hands on one, here’s a quick comparison between the new 5S model and last year’s iPhone 5.First ImpressionsThe iPhone 5S, at first glance, is identical to its forebear. But with a flashy new A7 64-bit chip, the M7 motion co-processor, Apple’s clever Touch ID fingerprint sensor and some powerful photography/video features, its insides bear little resemblance to the iPhone 5. Both phones boast a bright 326-ppi Retina touchscreen, of course, and the new version maintains the dimensions of its predecessor, weighing in at the same 112 grams. In our early testing, we compared a black 16GB iPhone 5S with a white Verizon iPhone 5 (pictured below).AppearanceFrom the front, you could mistake the iPhone 5S for last year’s iPhone 5 if it weren’t for the new home button. The iPhone 5S’s home button has lost the iconic rounded square of past generations in exchange for its nifty new fingerprint sensor. Beyond that, on the back of the device you’ll note that the 5S has a new oblong-shaped dual flash to the right of the lens. The charging port, headphone jack placement, buttons and speaker arrangement remain unchanged. Beyond that, about the only discernable difference is that the iPhone logo has been Jony Ive-ified, featuring the printed “iPhone” logo in a thin font to match iOS 7’s ubiquitous Helvetica Neue Ultra Light typeface.SpeedAs more comprehensive benchmarking comparisons would suggest, the iPhone 5S is noticeably faster than many competitors, easily doubling the speed of last year’s model in many tests. The iPhone 5 is certainly no slouch, but upon activating my device, a “space gray” 16GB iPhone 5S running on AT&T’s network, my first takeaway is whoa… this thing is fast. Granted, any new phone is blazing fast right out of the gate, but the 5S opens apps, loads webpages and executes so quickly it’s hard to imagine a phone actually doing things faster than this. Next to an iPhone 5 over a shared Wi-Fi network, everything happens faster on the 5S. The camera was actually the most notable—it recovers in an instant with no lag at all.CameraHow does the iPhone 5S and its juiced-up camera compare to the iPhone 5? Well, the iPhone 5S’s shooter is noticeably faster, like the phone is in most regards. The 5S, in our testing, seems to snap photos instantly. Burst mode is a cool trick, too—and one unique to the 5S, like the slow-motion video camera. Holding down the home button while shooting yields a ton of photos really, really quickly, but the only use cases we can imagine are tricky-to-capture shots, like maybe at a kid’s football game when objects (and children) are moving, in order to get an in-focus shot.The sample shots below compare the camera’s respective capabilities in a handful of shooting conditions, though we’ve got a more in-depth examination of the 5S’s camera features cooking too. In all of the pictures, we allowed autofocus to do its work rather than manually focusing with a tap like we make a habit of normally.iPhone 5iPhone 5SiPhone 5iPhone 5SiPhone 5iPhone 5SiPhone 5iPhone 5SiPhone 5iPhone 5SiPhone 5iPhone 5SAs you can see, the iPhone 5S performed a bit better under duress in bright- and mixed-light situations. The photos are mostly pretty comparable, though we’ll be testing the 5S camera and its improved flash in more settings to see where (and if) it shines. Bells and whistles like Slow-mo, burst mode and the True Tone flash will likely be its strongest qualities, so we look forward to playing with all of those further.last_img read more

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9 months agoReal Madrid midfielder Modric signs with Mendes as Juventus circle

By on October 28, 2019

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Real Madrid midfielder Modric signs with Mendes as Juventus circleby Carlos Volcano9 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveReal Madrid midfielder Luka Modric has joined super agent Jorge Mendes’ stable.Juventus are being linked with the veteran.Mediaset says the Ballon d’Or winner was linked with a move to Inter Milan after last year’s World Cup after six years at the Bernabeu.Mendes has been drafted in by the 33-year-old to facilitate a potential switch to Italy.Inter are desperate to take Modric to the San Siro but they could struggle to convince him to move to Milan if Juve are a viable option.The Milan outfit have offered the ex-Tottenham man a lucrative four-year deal worth nine million-a-year. last_img read more

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Video: Kansas Football Just Found The Worst Way To Lose A Game Ever

By on October 27, 2019

first_imgKansas playing South Dakota State.Twitter/@lukezimKansas is not very good at football. That much is true. Many picked the Jayhawks to lose to FCS power South Dakota State, and lose they did. The Jayhawks actually held it close until the end, with a chance to win the game on the final play. That…did not quite work out. In an attempt to spike the ball, quarterback Montell Cozart fumbled the snap, recovered it but was ruled down, and then attempted to spike the ball from the ground. He tried to quickly take another snap and spike, but the clock ran out before the Jayhawks could run a play.We’re sorry, KU fans, but here is the video, via SB Nation’s Luke Zimmermann.Not like this, Kansas pic.twitter.com/W4LQB07AKH— Luke Zimmermann (@lukezim) September 5, 2015Basketball season is closer than you think, Jayhawks.last_img read more

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National employment numbers for December from Statistics Canada at a glance

By on October 13, 2019

first_imgOTTAWA — A quick look at December employment (numbers from the previous month in brackets):Unemployment rate: 5.6 per cent (5.6)Employment rate: 61.7 per cent (61.7)Participation rate: 65.4 per cent (65.4)Number unemployed: 1,125,100 (1,124,800)Number working: 18,808,400 (18,799,100)Youth (15-24 years) unemployment rate: 11.1 per cent (10.8)Men (25 plus) unemployment rate: 4.9 per cent (5.0)Women (25 plus) unemployment rate: 4.6 per cent (4.7)The Canadian Presslast_img

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Russian arms exports to India fell by 42 between 200913 and 201418

By on October 12, 2019

first_imgWashington DC: Russia’s arms export to India fell by a whopping 42 per cent between 2014-18 and 2009-2013, according to a new report. As a result, Russia accounted for 58 per cent of total Indian arms imports in 2014-2018, compared with 76 per cent in 2009-2013, according to the report “Trends in International Arms Transfers, 2018” released by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). In line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s effort to reduce country’s dependence on foreign arms, India’s import of arms decreased by 24 per cent between 2009-2013 and 2014-2018, according to the figures released by the report. Also Read – Imran Khan arrives in China, to meet Prez Xi JinpingThis decline in India’s import is also partly due to delays in deliveries of arms produced under license from foreign suppliers, such as combat aircraft ordered from Russia in 2001 and submarines ordered from France in 2008. Still, India was the world’s second largest importer of major arms in 2014-18 and accounted for 9.5 per cent of the global total. Israel, the USA and France all increased their arms exports to India in 2014-18. Pakistan’s arms imports decreased by 39 per cent between 2009-13 and 2014-18. The US has become increasingly reluctant to provide military aid or sell arms to Pakistan: US arms exports to Pakistan fell by 81 per cent between 2009-13 and 2014-18, it said. Also Read – US blacklists 28 Chinese entities over abuses in XinjiangPakistan has instead turned to other suppliers. For example, in 2018 it ordered 4 frigates and 30 combat helicopters from Turkey, it added. The decrease in India’s arms import is significant given that the volume of international transfers of major arms in 2014-18 was 7.8 per cent higher than in 2009-13 and 23 per cent higher than in 2004-2008. The five largest exporters in 2014-18 were the United States, Russia, France, Germany and China. The five largest importers were Saudi Arabia, India, Egypt, Australia and Algeria. The US was the top arms exporter in 2014-18 and 2009-13. Its exports of major arms grew by 29 per cent between the two periods and its share of total global exports rose from 30 per cent to 36 per cent. As a result, the gap between the USA and Russia – the second largest exporter – continued to widen. In 2009-13, US exports of major arms were 12 per cent higher than those of Russia, whereas in 2014-18 they were 75 per cent higher. Russian exports of major arms decreased by 17 per cent between the same periods. The fall was partly due to general reductions in Indian and Venezuelan arms imports – two countries that have been among the main recipients of Russian arms exports in previous years, the SIPRI said. “Although India remained the chief recipient of Russian arms in 2014-18, Russian arms exports to India fell by 42 per cent between 2014-18 and 2009-13. Arms exports to Venezuela, which was the fifth largest recipient of Russian arms in 2009-13, decreased by 96 per cent between the two periods,” it said.last_img read more

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