City on Target to Start Sending Rebate Checks to Electric Customers

By on June 12, 2021

first_imgCommunity News City on Target to Start Sending Rebate Checks to Electric Customers By KEVIN KENNEY, Senior Reporter Published on Thursday, April 9, 2020 | 12:25 pm Name (required)  Mail (required) (not be published)  Website  faithfernandez More » ShareTweetShare on Google+Pin on PinterestSend with WhatsApp,Donald CommunityPCC- COMMUNITYVirtual Schools PasadenaHomes Solve Community/Gov/Pub SafetyPasadena Public WorksPASADENA EVENTS & ACTIVITIES CALENDARClick here for Movie Showtimes Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Community News Get our daily Pasadena newspaper in your email box. Free.Get all the latest Pasadena news, more than 10 fresh stories daily, 7 days a week at 7 a.m. Make a comment The city on Thursday confirmed that modest rebate checks to electric customers will start going out in the next week or so and reach all eligible recipients within four to five weeks – the result of a plan passed by the City Council earlier this week to help boost the reeling local economy during the coronavirus crisis.The rebates apply to both residential and commercial electric customers of Pasadena Water and Power.“Checks will start to go out in as early as two weeks (from this past Monday, when the council approved the action),” said city spokesperson Lisa Derderian. “We expect to get them all issued within four to five weeks.’’In a news release Thursday, City Manager Steve Mermell said, “These efforts are some of the many ways in which the city is working to minimize the financial burden to the Pasadena community during the novel coronavirus outbreak.“Providing direct rebates will be the fastest way to ensure that every electric customer receives some financial relief.’’The council on Monday unanimously approved the plan, which will provide PWP’s estimated 67,500 electric customers, plus eligible former customers, with a total of $11.4 million in rebates, along with another $2 million in suspended utility fees for six months.The rebate money will come from the city’s “underground surtax” fund, which is made up of fees that customers are charged to support the construction of underground utility lines.Under the plan, customers will receive rebates equal to their last 24 months of surtax-fee payments, or about $11.4 million in total.Additionally, the underground-surtax fees – roughly 4 percent of a typical electric bill — have been suspended for six months, keeping an estimated $2 million in the pockets of customers.The rebate checks would range from about $103 for a typical residential electric user to about $3,200 for a medium-size restaurant to about $29,000 for heavy-usage customers such as hotels, according to city estimates.Current PWP customers will not need to apply for the rebates – they will come automatically over the coming weeks, the city said.Former customers from within the last two years who no longer have a PWP account “will receive information on how to apply for their refund if their new address is known,’’ the city said in a statement.According to Mermell, the underground surtax fund was identified as a source of financial relief to residents because its balance “is well in excess of what our identified project needs are.’’“This is largely due to various constraints impacting the number of projects that can be undertaken at any one time,’’ according to a city staff report.Mermell said the money taken from the surtax fund is better used for immediate needs rather than sitting idle, awaiting future projects.He also said that Pasadena, with its own utility, is in a unique position among area cities to provide such rebates because the city has its own utility.The council had previously suspended shutoffs and late fees for delinquent PWP payments, among other economic relief efforts during the COVID-19 crisis.The council has also passed a residential and commercial renter-eviction moratorium; suspended penalties and fees for late payment on garbage pickup; and modified various parking and impound rules.Information on additional benefits for low-income PWP customers and people who rely on medical devices is available at www.PWPweb.com/COVID19. 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Colstrip’s new coal supply contract likely to raise price of plant’s electricity generation

By on December 31, 2020

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Billings Gazette:Colstrip Power Plant will continue receiving coal from Rosebud Mine under a six-year contract signed by all but one of the plant’s owners this weeThe contract, five years in the making, was signed with just weeks left on the coal arrangement between the mine and the power plant. The terms assure the Colstrip Power Plant won’t be shopping elsewhere for coal, something the power plant’s owners had been working toward since 2018.The contract length syncs with the start of a coal-power ban in Washington, which affects three of Colstrip’s utility owners: Puget Sound Energy, Avista Corp. and PacifiCorp. Puget, which owns the largest stake in Colstrip, has no customers outside of Washington and will have to exit the power plant six years from now. It has no use for Colstrip power after 2025 under Washington’s Clean Energy Transformation Act.PacifiCorp and Avista both have customers outside Washington, but also have plans to abandon coal power. PacifiCorp announced earlier this year that it would exit Colstrip by 2027. Avista CEO Dennis Vermillion told employees earlier this week the company would exit Colstrip in 2027. Vermillion’s remarks were reported by the Lewiston (Idaho) Morning Tribune. Avista clarified to The Gazette on Thursday that its 20-year energy plan includes modeling to no longer be in Colstrip after 2025.In regulatory proceedings, Puget Sound Energy told Washington’s Utility and Transportation Commission that the price of coal for Colstrip was going to increase significantly. Thursday, Ron Roberts, PSE’s director of generation and natural gas storage, said the coal price had to remain confidential as the utility worked through its general rate case. But the rate increase wasn’t surprising, Roberts said, given that Westmoreland had gone bankrupt. Earlier this year, as creditors prepared to take over the coal company, Westmoreland notified the bankruptcy court that the new owners wouldn’t be honoring the terms of the current contract. The creditors wanted more for their coal.The one Colstrip Power Plant owner who didn’t sign the contract was Talen Energy. Westmoreland continues to negotiate terms with Talen, which faces different challenges than Colstrip’s other five owners. Namely, Talen sells its coal power on the open market where cheaper electricity generated by renewable energy and natural gas have made Colstrip power less competitive. [Tom Lutey]More: Colstrip Power Plant secures 6-year coal mine contract Colstrip’s new coal supply contract likely to raise price of plant’s electricity generationlast_img read more

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Lawsuit Claims Funeral Home Left Girl’s Body to Decompose

By on September 20, 2020

first_imgA Riviera Beach funeral home is facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit, after a family claims the business failed to preserve an 11-year-old girl’s body.The family of Re’Asia Washington claims they noticed her body was decomposed and nearly unrecognizable leading up to her memorial service.“My daughter was deteriorated beyond recognition, her skin has come off her body,” says Ebony Morgan, Re’Asia’s mother.The fifth-grader died on Jan. 22 after suffering an asthma attack while in Georgia.Morgan hired Shawn Johnson Funeral and Cremation Services to handle the arrangements.However, “When I saw her face, it looked like someone had threw acid on her face, or she was pushed into a fire and just left to burn,” Morgan explains. She adds that her daughter’s scalp appeared to be coming off the girl’s head.In the lawsuit, which was filed by Tayson Gaines with the Palm Beach County-based Gaines Firm, the family alleges a breach of contract with the funeral home, fraudulent misrepresentation, negligence, negligent infliction of emotional distress, deceptive and unfair trade practices, and conspiracy.The family has also filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Financial Services’ Division of Funeral, Cemetery and Consumer Services, according to Pierre Ifill, Re’Asia’s uncle and an attorney who is helping Gaines with the lawsuit.“What we got was a mummified body that was not presentable for a service. What we got was excuses,” Ifill says. “That’s not acceptable.”On Jan. 24, an employee of the funeral home transported Re’Asia’s body to Florida from Georgia without embalming or refrigerating it.The funeral home also lacked the disposition permit that is required by Georgia law to move a body across state lines.On Jan. 31, Shawn Johnson allegedly refused to allow Ebony Morgan to see her daughter’s body. Johnson refused again on Feb. 5 and 6.However, Morgan paid Johnson $3,055 on Feb 4.After Johnson refused to allow Morgan to see the body on Feb. 6, Morgan contacted state officials to inquire about her rights to see her daughter’s body at the funeral home, and was told she could.Later that day, Morgan visited the funeral home with a police escort. A few hours later, Johnson returned to the funeral home and rolled Re’Asia’s body into the office. She allowed Morgan and her sister to only see the girl’s face and hand.When Morgan’s sister began taking photos of the body, Johnson reportedly threatened to sue if she showed them to other people.On Feb. 7, Morgan informed Johnson that she was planning to pick up the body. Johnson claimed that it was in a Fort Lauderdale morgue. However, the morgue claims that it does not have a contract with the funeral home.“We have not heard one apology” from the funeral home or anyone associated with the business, Ifill states.The family says it had to cancel Re’Asia’s viewing due to what happened.Morgan and Re’Asia’s father, Reginald Washington, are now seeking $10 million in damages from the funeral home, its three managers — Shandelrio “Shawn” Johnson, Ronald Warnecke and Alterraon Phillips — and the funeral home’s embalmer, Adrienne Leger.last_img read more

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The Randy Johnson bird game, as told by the bird’s family

By on August 14, 2020

first_img YouTube https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/8f/25/randy-johnson-bird-youtube-032420-ftr_1ijzot0hmujic1dvtntse1et2v.jpg?t=233329921&w=500&quality=80 Janice: “We have a family friend who’s a parrot, and he told us when he saw his human looking at it. Bit that guy right on the finger and squawked at him for an hour. But you can imagine our distress.”Henry: “Whenever we fly over [Johnson’s] mansion in Arizona, we make sure to leave a little something on his deck, or his car. We haven’t gotten lucky enough to see him outside yet. But we keep flying by.”Janice: Every year, on the anniversary, they bring it up. In a way it’s nice that he’s remembered. But he’ll always be ‘the bird that Randy Johnson hit.’ To us, he’s just our son, Daryl. And we miss him to this day.” (This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.)Janice Dove, mother of the deceased: “We all remember that day. It will haunt us forever.”Garth Dove, father of the deceased: “Well we were enjoying a nice day at the ballpark. We would often fly down there and perch on something, you know, hang out watch the action. This is back when it was Tuscon Electric Park.”Henry Dove, brother of the deceased: “I was only a chick at the time. Daryl was the oldest. I always wanted to hang out, fly along, but he was bigger than me.”Janice: “Daryl was so handsome, and at that age where he was always showing off, especially if there were girls around. I’m sure that didn’t help. But it shouldn’t have gotten him killed.”MORE: 15 things we miss most about baseball, rankedGarth: “We’ve nested in Arizona for years, and every year when the Cactus League games start, I drilled it into their little bird brains: ‘Don’t be an idiot. The humans are bigger than you and their little ones will chase you. They are not your friends.'”Janice: “We find it better to keep to ourselves, up away from the humans. After all, there’s always enough empty seats in the stands to swoop down and grab some popcorn as a snack, or even half an abandoned hotdog bun. I don’t even pack seeds and berries when we go, because there’s plenty to scavenge for. I know it isn’t the healthiest snack, but when we’re out as a family they’re allowed to have a treat.”Henry: “The view on top of the stands was great, but I wasn’t allowed to go down on my own to get popcorn, which is my favorite. But Daryl was bored. He’d already swooped down a few times and he chirped at Mom until she finally agreed to let him stay while she went down with me.”Garth [breaking down into tears]: “I still can’t help but feel it’s my fault.”Janice put her wing around Garth, comforting him and cooing until his sobs subside.MORE: Joe Buck is broadcasting everyday life events to stay fresh during quarantineGarth: “Daryl and I were up there alone, and I of course was keeping an eye on Janice and Henry. God forbid something should happen to them while they’re down there. But everything went fine, and Henry got a few kernels. I didn’t even realize Daryl was missing until Janice flew back up and asked where he went.”Janice: “I flew back up with Henry and he was just … gone. I asked Garth where he went, neither of us realizing this was the start of our nightmare.Garth: “I didn’t realize he had gone. We immediately hit the skies, swooping around trying to find him. He wasn’t supposed to take off like that without telling us.”Henry: “I spotted him first. Mom and Dad were looking in the stands. But I saw him perched close to the backstop, and I immediate realized what he wanted.”Henry: “The players would spit sunflower seeds over the sides of the dugout while the game was going on. Daryl loved sunflower seeds. They were even better than crackerjack to him.”Garth: “He must have thought he could fly over, grab some seeds, and fly back before anyone even realized.”Janice: “I saw it happen. Feathers everywhere. At first I couldn’t believe it. I thought he was injured. His body bounced on the field, and then he didn’t move.”Garth: “Johnson was brutal with his fastball. That thing probably hit him going 100 miles an hour. He had no chance.” Janice: “The worst part, the very worst part, is that they basically said it never even happened. To rule it a no-pitch broke my heart.”Garth: “I’m an MLBB (Major League Bird Baseball) umpire, and I’ve seen my share of games. I can tell you I understand why they did it. But it doesn’t make it hurt any less.”Janice: “We never even got his body. They threw it in the trash. We had an empty-coffin funeral.”Henry: “My mom tried to cover my eyes with her wings, but I watched them scrape feathers off the field. I still have nightmares.”Janice: “Birds are killed all the time. Hunting, windows, car crashes. This was different. It should never have happened.”Garth: “When Jeff Kent picked up his lifeless body, laughing, Janice had to hold me back. I was fluttering to get down there and peck a chunk out of his hand. No All-Star Game or Silver Slugger that year, bud! And then for them to win the World Series that year? It felt like Daryl was a sacrifice.”MORE: A sports fan’s guide to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube & more after coronavirus cancels live gamesJanice: “We were rooting against the Diamondbacks every chance we got that whole season.”Garth: “It’s Johnson we have the real issue with. Oh, sure, he didn’t want to talk about it for a while. Committing birdslaughter, and he gets to say ‘no comment.’ He doesn’t find it funny, supposed to be some sort of ‘conservationist.’ But then he made a logo of a dead dove for his photography website. It was like being punched in the gut.” On March 24, 2001, Randy Johnson threw a pitch that would end a life — and change the life of one flock forever. A son, Daryl Dove, was tragically taken in a freak accident that would shock the baseball community, and become irrevocably linked to Johnson.After many years of silence on the matter, the Dove family has agreed to speak about that day. They want to remember a son they lost, and share their memories of Daryl with the world. This is their story.last_img read more

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Play Rugby League this winter

By on November 7, 2019

first_imgWith competitions running from early childhood all the way through to masters, winter is the perfect time to play Rugby League. Playing Rugby League is the perfect complement to a summer of Touch Football action, helping to keep fitness and skills high throughout the year. Competitions are run throughout all areas of Australia and registering your interest with a local club is a simple three step process. As an added incentive all registered Junior League, officials and volunteers will automatically become a member of the PLAY NRL Rewards Program. This program entitles members to a host of benefits, including one free ticket to a game every round of the NRL Premiership season. For more information and to find your nearest club please visit www.playnrl.com. Related Filesposter-pngRelated LinksPlay Rugby Leaguelast_img read more

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a month agoMan Utd social media abuse unbelievable – Mata

By on October 28, 2019

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Man Utd social media abuse unbelievable – Mataby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United midfielder Juan Mata has found the abuse he gets on social media as “unbelievable”.Mata and his under-fire team-mates have endured a stuttering start to the season that has seen the pressure pile on manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.Speaking to The Times, he said: “As players, we all have to take responsibility. We are United. There are many people outside waiting for United not to be good and enjoying it when we don’t do well.”We have two options: to stick together or let that criticism and that enjoyment from others at our results affect us in a way that we divide ourselves. One weekend you’re an idol, you score the winner, and three days later you miss a big chance and you’re a villain.“The repercussions of every single action in a game is unbelievable. It can be turned into a video seen by millions instantly on Twitter or Instagram , missing a penalty, making a mistake, and it’s seen as ‘a tragedy’ on many smartphones and in many minds.” last_img read more

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STX France Unveils New Sailing Ship Concept

By on October 23, 2019

first_imgzoom French shipbuilder STX France has unveiled a new sailing ship concept which would reduce environmental impact and save energy.Presented at the Seatrade Cruise Global exhibition in Fort Lauderdale, the company’s SILENSEAS concept would feature a length of 190 meters, 150 passenger cabins, and offer an eco-friendly cruise experience.Following the launch of its cruise ship concept EOSEAS in 2009, STX France continued research on the principle of sail propulsion and developed a patented concept, SOLIDSAIL, capable of reaching large sail areas.By combining the use of the sails with the latest propulsion and energy production technologies, including LNG, batteries and automation, STX France developed SILENSEAS, which reduces the use of propulsion energy on 60% Caribbean routes, while allowing exceptional performance under sail.<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>last_img read more

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Ontario on unsustainable fiscal track new report finds

By on October 17, 2019

first_imgTORONTO – Ontario’s Liberal government has missed an opportunity to create a competitive recreational marijuana market with its plans to restrict sales to provincially run stores, according to a new analysis from a think-tank.The analysis by the C.D. Howe Institute, to be released Wednesday, faults the province for its refusal to allow the private sector involvement in pot retailing.“More competition between businesses would constrain operating costs and keep prices low,” the institute says in its report. “Lower prices in the legal market would make it more likely to be competitive with the existing black market.”The report also faults the province for its plans — once the federal government actually legalizes recreational cannabis likely this summer — to severely restrict the number of outlets that will be selling pot. The province has said 40 stores will be in place initially, with a total of 150 by 2020.The result, the institute says, will be inconvenient access for many people leading them to stay with the black market.“Recreational consumers are highly unlikely to switch their dollars to the regulated market if there isn’t easy access,” the report states. “This means that there will be significant opportunity for the black market to continue operating in all the areas without enough legal stores to meet market demand or that are convenient to access.”The report notes that Alberta, for example, is making privately run stores responsible for marijuana retailing although even a mixed model of licensed establishments operating alongside government retail stores could deliver better market coverage faster than the province could on its own.Additionally, the study proposes changing the way alcohol is taxed to applying taxes to the level of alcohol content rather than on volume.Overall, the report by Benjamin Dachis — called “Fiscal Soundness and Economic Growth: An Economic Program for Ontario” — argues that the province is on an “unsustainable” fiscal course.It takes aim at government spending that is out of line with its ability to raise revenues, saying the government should adopt a long-term fiscal policy that requires surpluses, not just balanced budgets.Among its various ideas, the study argues for keeping health-care costs under control by limiting payments to family doctors, making free drug programs for those under 24 and seniors income-tested rather than universal, and slowing increases in the minimum wage.The general minimum wage in Ontario jumped to $14 an hour this year from $11.60, and is set to rise to $15 per hour on Jan. 1, 2019. Some have argued the increase will hurt small businesses and lead to job losses.The study also calls for scrapping rent controls and transfer taxes as a way to curb dramatic increases in housing costs.“The government’s policies have focused mostly on curtailing the demand of housing,” the report states. “In contrast, the actions so far for boosting housing supply have been largely limited to minor rebates on some types of development charges and taxes for multi-residential units.”Ontario voters are expected to go to the polls June 7.last_img read more

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SBI seeks bids for cashstrapped Jet Airways last date is April 10

By on October 12, 2019

first_imgMumbai/ New Delhi: State Bank of India (SBI) Monday invited bids from strategic as well as financial bidders for stake sale in ailing Jet Airways. SBI, which is the lead lender of a consortium of domestic lenders that has extended loans to Jet Airways, is looking for “change in control and management” of the carrier, according to a public notice. SBI Capital Markets would be assisting and advising the lenders on the bid process. The bids have to be submitted by April 10. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalThe lenders’ consortium has taken control of the airline under a debt recast plan. Under the debt resolution plan approved by the Jet Airways’ board on March 25, lenders have taken a majority stake in the airline and are set to infuse Rs 1,500 crore. Besides, the carrier’s founder and promoter Naresh Goyal as well as his wife Anita Goyal quit the board. The shareholding of Goyals has come down to 25 per cent from 51 per cent earlier. As per the advertisement, the airline has availed various credit facilities aggregating over Rs 8,000 from a consortium of domestic lenders led by SBI. The company has subsequently come under stress and not been able to service its debt obligations in relation to the facilities. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boostAcute financial crunch has forced the airline to ground aircraft, cancel flights and delay payment of salaries, including to pilots. The consortium has proposed to offer at least 3.54 crore shares of the airline comprising 31.2 per cent of equity share capital of the company and up to a maximum of 8.51 crore shares comprising 75 per cent on fully diluted basis subject to approval, it said. “Bidders shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of the EOI. The lenders or authorised representative shall not, under any circumstances be responsible or liable for any such costs in this regard, whether direct, incidental or consequential,” it added. It further said that the bidders can be strategic investors (SIs) and/ or financial investors (FIs). “SIs may include body corporates having experience in similar sectors with domestic or global experience or both. FIs may include private equity funds, investment funds etc,” it said. SIs should have a minimum three years of experience in commercial aviation business. In the event the bidder is a consortium, it should consist of not more than three members with shareholding of an individual member not being less than 15 per cent and should also have a lead member. Last week, the lenders said they would pursue resolution plan for the carrier in a time-bound manner under the present legal and regulatory framework. “The lenders are cognisant that the outcome of efforts of the lenders will depend on the interest shown by the parties on sale of stake in the company,” the statement issued by lenders had said.last_img read more

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Techsavvy people more likely to accept robot doctors

By on

first_imgPeople with advanced computer skills are more likely to accept and use digital healthcare services and robot doctors, says a study by an Indian-origin researcher. “There is increasing use of automated systems in the medical field, where intake is now often conducted through a kiosk instead of by a receptionist,” said a Professor at Pennsylvania State University in the US. “We investigated user acceptance of these ‘robot receptionists,’ along with automated nurses and doctors,” he added. Also Read – The Puja carnivalFor the study, scientists recruited participants from the online workforce Amazon Mechanical Turk to gain a better understanding of user psychology behind the acceptance of automation in clinics. The research team gauged the participants’ preconceived beliefs about and attitudes toward machines – what is called a “machine heuristic.” The team measured participants’ adherence to the machine heuristic by asking them to indicate their level of agreement with statements such as, “When machines, rather than humans, complete a task, the results are more accurate.” Also Read – Wave City brings special offers this Navratra”We found that if you’re high on machine heuristic and you’re high on power usage, you have the most positive attitude toward automated healthcare providers. This combination seems to make people more accepting of these technologies,” said the professor. “A power user (a person with advanced computer skills) is more likely to accept a robot doctor, for example, than a non-power user.” The results were presented at the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in Glasgow, Scotland. According to him, the healthcare industry can benefit from increased reliance on automated systems. “Doctors are limited by their human bandwidth, by their experience, knowledge and even state of mind from minute to minute,” he said.last_img read more

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