Trumps Space Force to Fight Cosmic Enemies

By on September 20, 2019

first_img President Donald Trump on Monday signed a directive to establish a new branch of the U.S. military.The so-called “space force,” which must be OKed by Congress, will ensure America’s sovereignty among the stars.“When it comes to defending America, it is not enough to merely have an American presence in space,” Trump said during a National Space Council meeting at the White House. “We must have American dominance in space. So important.”The country already boasts an Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Air Force. There’s plenty of room and funding for another division, right?Trump in March floated the idea of launching a space force to fight cosmic enemies.“We’re doing a tremendous amount of work in space,” he said at the time. “I said, ‘Maybe we need a new force. We’ll build a space force.’ And I was not really serious. And then I said, ‘What a great idea. Maybe we’ll have to do that. That could happen. That could be the big breaking story.”Except, it’s not exactly a novel idea: The House Armed Services Committee last year voted to create a U.S. Space Corps, which would absorb the Air Force’s current celestial missions.”Trump, however, will undoubtedly call it his own, adding the space force to the list of “achievements” engraved on his headstone.“This time, we will do more than plant our flag and leave our footprints,” he told the crowd on Monday. “We will establish a long-term presence, expand our economy, and build the foundation for the eventual mission to Mars—which is actually going to happen very quickly.”Babbling on about “rich guys” who like rockets (i.e. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos), Trump suggested that if they “beat us to Mars, we’ll be very happy and you’ll be even more famous.”“But you know what? If—as long as he’s—as long as it’s an American rich person, that’s good,” he continued. “They can beat us. We’ll save a little money, and they can beat us and we’re taking full credit for it.”Like I said…The White House provided no further details or timetable for the establishment of Trump’s infinity fleet, which will, much to the President’s chagrin, become a long, drawn-out process.“We understand the President’s guidance,” the Pentagon said in a statement to CBS News. “[We] will begin working on this issue, which has implications for intelligence operations for [other military branches]. Working with Congress, this will be a deliberate process with a great deal of input from multiple stakeholders.”If approved, the space force would become the nation’s first new military service since 1947.Trump also signed his third Space Policy Directive, calling for a new approach to space traffic management (STM).More than 1,500 active satellites are in orbit today, floating around with tens of thousands of non-functioning spacecraft fragments; there are an estimated 750,000-plus objects larger than 1 cm in Earth orbit, many of which can damage operational satellites.“Two previous administrations tried and failed to develop a system to deal with congested conditions in orbit. We are finally going to get it done,” Trump boasted. “It’s going to happen fast.”Just how fast remains a mystery. Meanwhile, the European Union-funded RemoveDebris project reached the International Space Station in April, with the intention of, well, removing space debris.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Scientists Discover Possible Interstellar VisitorWater Vapor Detected on Potentially ‘Habitable’ Planet last_img read more

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